Chrometophobia is the excessive fear that money. Also known as chrematophobia, it incorporates everything from the are afraid of security money and also the fear of thinking around money, to even the fear of emotional money. 

It combines the Greek indigenous chermato, which way “money,” and also the Greek native phobos, which method “fear.”

Most of us have actually struggled v financial stress and anxiety at some allude in ours lives. A 4 minutes 1 of american say castle worry about money all or most of the time. That makes sense given that 4 out of 5 Americans space in debt and around 15 percent of families have a an unfavorable net worth. Let’s confront it: money and debt can be nice scary. 

However, chrometophobia takes this ordinary fear of money and also spending to the following level. Jump to our infographic below to learn much more about this phenomenon or keep reading for a deep dive right into what this fear of money really means, what causes it, and how you can overcome it. 


Chrometophobia Symptoms 

Chrometophobia is no as usual as other phobias, like claustrophobia (the fear of crowded spaces) or acrophobia (the are afraid of heights). However, like various other phobias, chrometophobia is an abnormal and also irrational fear that carries with it a number of symptoms that differ in severity. Below are a couple of clear symptom of chrometophobia.

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Extreme Hesitance to Think about Money 

For many people, chrometophobia boils under to an unwillingness to deal with unhealthy spending and also saving habits. Maybe this way you’re excessively doubtful to spend money, also on items that you know are necessary, because you’re afraid you could run the end of money. Or maybe you feeling powerless to manage your finances, therefore you stop saving money and paying your bills. 

Withdrawal native Activities 

If you experience from chrometophobia, you can find you yourself avoiding tasks that you normally enjoy. Because that example, perhaps you skip family movie night, date night through your partner, or an additional pleasurable task because she worried about your finances. 

Desire to counting Money Constantly 


It’s common to inspect your bank account top top a continual basis. Part people examine theirs every day! However, if you constantly logging right into your check account or counting and recounting the cash in her wallet numerous times a day and also feeling stressed about what girlfriend find, you can suffer from chrometophobia. 

Refusal to Touch Money 

On the other end of the spectrum, if you refuse to take care of money, girlfriend might likewise suffer indigenous chrometophobia. Possibly you’re afraid of getting sick indigenous the virus on money or probably you’re emotionally prompted by the sight of money. Nevertheless of the reason, refusing to touch money deserve to make daily activities more difficult. 

Depressive thoughts Or physical Ailments

Chrometophobia, like other phobias, can additionally bring v it intense feelings the hopelessness, anxiety, and depression. If you’re emotion intense anxiety led to by your financial situation, friend should contact a psychological health experienced right away. 

In part cases, you might likewise experience physical symptom of chrometophobia, prefer shaking, sweating, dried mouth, nausea, or shortness the breath. Again, contact a medical professional instantly if this is the case. 

Chrometophobia Causes and also How to conquer Them

Every case is different, yet here room some common reasons of chrometophobia and also what you can do to deal with them. 

Taboo the Money 


Money is perhaps one of the many taboo subjects. Seventy percent that Americans take into consideration money one “intimate” topic, even an ext so than politics (36 percent) and religion (40 percent). This unwillingness come talk around money can be emotionally harmful and can lead to symptoms the chrometophobia. 

Try gift open and also honest through yourself and others. As challenging as this might be, speak to others about your financial woes. At the an extremely least, you’ll have someone that understands your financial situation, and you i will not ~ feel as alone. In the best-case scenario, a girlfriend or love one deserve to offer an ethical assessment the why you could be struggling and what procedures you have the right to take come improve. 

If you’d fairly not speak to someone you know around your gaue won anxieties, try being open up with a financial counselor. The idea below is to identify that you space struggling and take part concrete steps to improve. 

Spending Worries 

Everyone knows the money is restricted and that you need to use that wisely. It’s when you take it this idea come the too much that chrometophobia can kick in. Possibly you have significantly cut earlier on spending since you’re afraid the you won’t have enough money when you really require it.

To counteract this fear, arrangement out every one of your expenses. Track exactly how much money goes toward each price and collection up an emergency fund to put yourself in ~ ease. If you already have one emergency fund, rise your contribute to it.

Earned Money Anxieties 

It’s vital to have a an excellent sense of just how the variety of hours you occupational connects come the lot of money friend earn. However, tie each dollar earned to every hour functioned too very closely can cause you come feel as if you nothing deserve to invest the money girlfriend earned. 

Convince yourself the you need and also deserve to invest money on yourself sometimes. Think of security responsibly together a method to storage your hard work ~ a long week. 

Complexity of Money 


Money have the right to be tough to understand. If you discover yourself confused by gaue won jargon and don’t understand the world of bank accounts, stocks, bonds, common funds, or mortgages, you could prefer to disregard your finances completely. However, ignoring your finances can put your future in jeopardy. 

It’s essential to mental that many money topics it seems to be ~ more complicated than they in reality are. Take infant steps. Ask for help, and don’t be afraid to ask a ton that questions. Additionally, consider playing fun digital money games, favor The Stock industry Game.

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Prioritize her Finances and Overcome Chrometophobia

The most direct means to get rid of chrometophobia is to face your are afraid of money head on. Phobias room usually associated to a very specific traumatic experience. Instead of permitting yourself come worry around your finances in times of dilemm — when bills room due or bank balances are low — think about your finances proactively. 

In the same way that you do time to work out, check out a book, meditate, or relax, make time come think around your finances every work as component of your self-care routine. Carefully setup out your inflow and also outflow that money, and make a thorough saving and also spending plan. Alleviate your fear of money by talking through your anxieties through loved people or third-party experts.

Most importantly, emphasis on your progress, no on how much you still have to go. Go you rise your emergency money by $25 critical month? it is a win! to be you may be to open up up to her friends about your student loan debt anxieties? That’s also a win! Every tiny bit helps. 

Check the end the infographic below for a substantial overview of chrometophobia:


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