Fear The go Deadsurprised everyone once it delivered an impressive an initial half the Season 3 previously this year.

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In many ways, it was like an entirely various show. Complying with a truly terrible 2nd season,FTWDsomehow bounced earlier in a big way, giving us compelling drama, interesting characters, and also even a bit of the promised "fear" that seems so lacking inThe wade Dead universe these days.

We even got a couple pretty major deaths, consisting of Travis who we assumed was one of the show"s command protagonists.

Now the present returns because that its back half of Season 3, and also I"m a tiny worried. The 2 hour midseason premiere wasn"t bad, really, however it"s left me through the very same glaring revelation i keep having actually episode after episode: Madison ruins everything, and she"s ruiningFear The go Dead.

Let"s begin with a brief recap.

After Jeremiah Otto"s death, the ranch (weirdly led by Madison now) and the aboriginal Americans make a tranquility treaty. They all relocate in together, to live next by next in peace and harmony.

Only, things don"t job-related out so well. Troy and also a number of his lackeys space no pan of the new deal. Meanwhile, the water supply that was just days back deep sufficient to have actually Alicia go cliff-jumping in is now virtually gone. Just six weeks stay according come Jeremiah"s notes. I guess. I"m really not sure just how we go from the deep lake to this therefore quickly but oh well. This is FTWD ~ all.

In any kind of case, the malcontents amongst the ranchers really dislike having these aboriginal Americans around and also one tries come shoot them. He"s mad the they eliminated his friend, also though we understand that was Troy and it would be pretty basic to simply throw troy under the bus and let everyone recognize that it was him and not these civilization who murdered that household in the first half the the season. Of course, for no factor whatsoever this never ever happens.

Instead, Qaletaqa demands that the white folk disarm completely, leaving the only guns in the ranch in the hand of the tribe. Very sensibly, Jake rose oil opposes this plan. He knows it will certainly be unpopular through his people and also that having all the weapons in the hands of the various other team is a dangerous proposition. Even if you trust Qaletaqa, this transforms the nature that their setup completely.

So of course Madison order Jake come go along with the demands and also because she"s in which method the ceo of Everyone, the complies. Troy doesn"t go willingly, however, instead holing up through a bunch of weapons in the ranch house. Once Nick make the efforts to protect against him, everybody from trojan to Qaletaqa thinks he"ssidingwith troy for part reason, also though he"s incredibly clear the entire time the he"s simply trying to get him to stand down.

He end up informing Troy the truth about Jeremiah"s death, which gets him to lay under his gun and also get sent into exile. Nick is punished because that his action of bravery and also non-violence by gift locked in a box for a pair days, something the Madison apparently has actually no difficulty with. What is walk on here? none of this renders sense. Exiling troy doesn"t make sense, either. Also, uneven I watched this incorrectly, trojan stabbed the hell the end of the male sent to guard him once he to be exiled but we check out the same man without a scratch later on. I thought he eliminated him...I assumption: v not?

When Nick is released the ex-militia guys concerned him and also say lock think he"s a hero, and also he plays together with it presumably to keep things from acquiring out the hand, though this is never entirely clear. That does, in the end, stave off a violent confrontation. As soon as the militia sneaks up on the people to get accessibility to their guns back, he notices Alicia and also a tribal household digging for water (one to be divining earlier and also must have found a an excellent spot.) for this reason Nick abandons your foolish assault and also goes and grabs a shovel. Quickly everyone is digging.Kumbaya.

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Meanwhile, Madison and also Taqa have, in ~ this point, after having actually exiled Troy, gone turn off to Mexicali whereby there"s some big bazaar the sorts whereby you have the right to buy water and also other goods.

Of course, here they stumble across Strand who, that course, is in trouble. One point leads come another, and Madison trades away all the ingredient Taqa brought to profession for water. She"s walking to usage Strand to go ago to the dam where, unbeknownst come her, Daniel is waiting. This must be, at the an extremely least, an exciting reunion. Taqa is dating Daniel"s daughter, after all. And Daniel left Strand to die after that deceived him.

How execute You fix A problem Like Madison?

While Madison was never ever at her worst throughout the midseason premiere, she remains the one large thorn in the show"s side.Fearwould be much better without her. If nothing else, that would allow Alicia and also Nick come play bigger roles, and also both personalities are much more interesting and less aggravating 보다 Madison.

I simply can"t expropriate that the Madison the showwants us to think in is the same as the one we actually acquire on screen. Personalities are always talking about how great she is, exactly how she"s a doer and a leader and gets things done. How she"s "tough" somehow. At the very least Troy calls she out about her i can not qualify to death his father. At the very least Alicia seems to have come to be fed up v her nonsense.

Madison going in addition to Taqa"s plan to disarm the ranch to be ridiculous, however even much more ridiculous is the idea that Jake would just go together with it on she say so. How did she concerned be the ceo of Everyone? I simply don"t get that at all. She isn"t the badass. She isn"t a good or solid or cautious leader most of the time, even though she"s do the occasional smart choice.

She is constantly make unilateral decisions also, such as her betrayal of Taqa to complimentary Strand. And also while probably that to be a clever move and also a nice thing to do for her erstwhile companion, it to be still a decision the wasn"t hers to make, as with with Jake and the guns.

I"m sorry, I just can"t aid it at this point. I think I"d enjoy the present a lot an ext without Madison. When Andrea was ruiningThe go Dead,it had actually much the same impact on me (though, to be fair, Andrea is worse by a lengthy mile.) when they killed off her character, ns was for this reason relieved. The didn"t fix the show entirely, however it sure went a long way. For this reason yes, I"m rooting for Madison to traction a Travis in ~ this point. The sooner the better. Practically every various other character ~ above the show, from troy to Daniel come the Clarke children is much better and an ext enjoyable come watch.

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This wasn"t a terribly great or terribly negative midseason premiere. That sets up an amazing reunion and the problem at the ranch over water and race is in ~ the an extremely least reality (these are some of the key tensions in the Southwest United says already, even without a zombie apocalypse.) ns think Madison is dragging it down, as are few of the typicalFTWD/TWDwriting decision (the miraculously drained water, because that instance) but overall, it"s still much better than it was in Season 2 and also I think we have some interesting disputes ahead that us.

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