Fort worth Federal medical Center

Fort Worth commonwealth Medical facility is a low defense medical facility located in fort Worth the Tarrant County, Texas. Fort Worth FMC was previously known as fort Worth federal Correctional Institution, however, the FCI was converted right into a medical facility as of at an early stage 2017. The medical center holds just male inmates who require special medical attention. The prison additionally deals with detainees who have actually mental health issues. At ft Worth FMC, the inmate populace consists of a variety of offenders that were sent out to the facility by court, moved from other prisons, or space awaiting trial and also sentencing. The prison at this time holds 1,456 inmates. The basic is incorporated by a double perimeter fence. In addition, the medical facility is secured by perimeter patrolling, electronically controlled access, and also high mast lighting. 

In 2012, several noteworthy incidents occurred at fort Worth FCI. In February of 2012, Michele O"Neal resigned native her place as a correctional officer at ft Worth. O"Neal resigned ~ being uncovered guilty and also charged because that the sexual abuse of a ward. O"Neal had been involved in a consensual partnership with a sinner at the facility. O"Neal to be sentenced in October of 2012 and was expected to serve 2-3 years. Later on in 2012 during the month that October, 71 year old inmate Phillip Monroe Ballard was charged because that soliciting the murder-for-hire of john McBryde. McBryde was a a U.S. Ar judge who chambers were in fort Worth, Texas. Accused Ballard want a 3rd party to killing McBryde due to the fact that Ballard believed that McBryde would declare him a 20 year sentence in prison. Ballard speak with one more inmate around murdering the judge and the inmate asserted he knew who who could serve together the killer. Ballard offered the 3rd party $100,000 in cash for killing McBryde. However, Ballard was captured when one undercover agent posed together the contract killer in a letter instructing Ballard wherein to do payments and also who come call. Together a result, Ballard to be sentenced to two decades in prison.

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Visiting hours at ft Worth Federal clinical Center:

Visiting to ft Worth Medical center is carried out on Mondays, Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays.Visiting hrs are native 8:00 A.M. Come 3:00 P.M.Inmates are granted visitors on weekends and holidays depending upon an even/odd schedule. The even/odd schedule depends on whether the 5th digit the the inmate"s is an even or weird number. The even/odd schedule is together follows:April 15th - October 14th:Saturday: oddSunday: evenHolidays: even during A.M. And also odd throughout P.M.October 15th - April 14th:Saturday: evenSunday: oddHolidays: odd during A.M. And also even during P.M.Prisoners receive 9 visiting points in ~ the start of each month. 1 suggest is deducted for each weekday visit and also 2 points room deducted because that every weekend/holiday visit.Each offender is enabled up to 6 travellers at once. The jail Unit only grants inmates 2 adult travellers at once. Visiting to the jail Unit also follows one even/odd scheduleSunday and Thursday: Morning - oddAfternoon - evenMonday, Friday, Saturday: Morning - evenAfternoon - oddNo visitation ~ above Tuesday & WednesdayMorning visitation is native 8:00 A.M. To 11:00 A.M. Afternoon visitation wake up from 12:30 P.M. To 3:30 P.M.Visits come the jail Unit are restricted to immediate family members members.The prison Unit visiting unit only holds up to 15 visitors.The following items room permitted right into the visiting area:1 half-gallon sized clean bag or purseUp to $25.00 Life supporting medicationsVehicle keysFor infants:3 diapers1 unopened parcel of baby wipes1 change of clothes for the infant2 clear baby bottles with formula2 unopened jars of baby food1 receiving blanket1 clean cupClear plastic container no larger than 12" x 16"

Physical Address:

Fort precious Federal medical Center3150 Horton Road Fort Worth, Texas 76119



Inmate e-mail Address:

Inmate Name, i would NumberFort worth Federal clinical CenterP.O. Box 15330Fort Worth, Texas 76119

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