In connection with claiming a prize, the CT Lottery might achieve a winner’s Social protection number. Pursuant to section 7(b) the the Privacy act of 1974, we keep in mind that this disclosure is voluntary, yet failure to administer the Social protection number may affect the ability to claim a prize.

Any inquiry for a Social defense number is authorized by the inner Revenue Code, Informational publication 2011 (28) and also Informational publication 2015 (23) the the Connecticut room of Revenue Services and will it is in used mainly for reporting taxation withholdings as compelled by law. Any questions concerning tax payments must be directed to the Connecticut room of Revenue services at 1-860-297-5962.

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Federal earnings Tax: 24% The CT Lottery is required by legislation to report and withhold federal earnings tax (currently 24%) on every gambling winnings valued at more than $5,000. (Under details circumstances this tax rate might be 30%.) In addition, the Lottery is forced to report to the IRS gambling winnings that space $600 or more, and also at the very least 300 time the quantity of the wager.  CT Lottery Federal tax ID Number: 06-1457386 State revenue Tax: 6.99% The CT Lottery is compelled by law to withhold Connecticut state earnings tax (currently 6.99%) on every gambling winnings that space either: 1) subject to commonwealth withholding taxation (i.e. Proceeds more than $5,000); or 2) reportable for federal tax functions (i.e. $600 or more and at the very least 300 times the lot of the wager.) Connecticut state income tax is required on all CT Lottery winnings nevertheless of state residency. CT Lottery State taxes ID Number: 8234593-000Senior citizens are not exempt from having actually taxes withheld. The CT Lottery is obligated come report the winnings to the IRS and the CT department of Revenue services if winnings exceed the above thresholds. You may wish to consult with a taxation advisor about your taxation obligations.

W2G Forms

If a claimant is to get a W2G form, the is provided at the time the win ticket is handle at the High-Tier Claim facility or CT Lottery Headquarters. Requesting a Duplicate W2G Form?Duplicate W2G forms may be picked up in person at CT Lottery Headquarters through a picture ID. Requests because that a duplicate W2G form can likewise be do in writing, accompanied by two (2) valid creates of signed identification. In your request include your printed name, Social security number, address, daytime phone number, her signature and also indicate which taxes year you space requesting. If your address has changed, encompass a energy bill or various other proof that your brand-new address. Mail requests to: CT Lottery insurance claims Department777 Brook StreetRocky Hill, CT 06067




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USE her GAMESENSE. Purchasers have to be 18 or older.

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