Someone recently offered me an write-up enumerating people's fears. There room plenty. (My greatest fear? Being recorded with steal property, together the post left top top my desk was ripped the end of a Reader's Digest, maybe stolen indigenous a doctor's office!)...

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Someone recently provided me an write-up enumerating people's fears. There space plenty. (My best fear? Being recorded with stolen property, together the post left ~ above my workdesk was ripped out of a Reader's Digest, possibly stolen from a doctor's office!)

The greatest are afraid in the United says according come the research? walk broke. Compare this v the greatest fear in nine out of 16 other nations polled: loneliness.


American society seems obsessed with appearance, but the research uncovered Americans come be much more worried about money. Possibly with the economy as stormy as it is, worry about wrinkles and balding is fading.

Research discovered gender differences with fear. An ext women than men have actually public speaking as their greatest phobia. Men an ext than women are afraid going broke, which renders sense when you consider the huge male ego associated with work.

This finding surprised me - more women than men fear being alone. My observation is that ladies do better being alone than guys do at the time of death of a spouse or divorce.

We don't require research to know are afraid is rampant. News reports on television, file or virtual have end up being a phobic feeding festival. The economic situation has tanked, the ethical compass is turn wildly, national security is broken and also people are at each other's throats.

Of course, not all fear is bad. A healthy fear of strangers might keep us out of danger situations. A healthy are afraid of an car accident deserve to motivate us to buckle up and drive cautiously. A respectful are afraid of a heart attack can assist us eat healthy and exercise regularly.

Fears the stifle life are the ones to be involved about.

Max Lucado in his book, Fearless, states, "Feed her fears, and also your belief will starve. Feed her faith, and your fears will."

If this is true, obsessing on the things out the our control is a spirituality matter.

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The subject of are afraid is addressed in the bible frequently. The bible 43 times says, "Do no fear;" 16 time says, "Fear not" and 59 times says, "Do no be afraid."

The post Jesus gives to combat are afraid is not simple. For nationwide security issues, we prefer big guns and tall fences, however Jesus says, "My peace I give to you, no as the world gives perform I give." (John 14: 27)

In our are afraid of loneliness, we might wish for several friends and also a large family, however Jesus promises, "I will certainly not leaving you orphaned." (John 14:18)

With our financial insecurities we may wish for bulging bank balances, however Jesus says, "Lay up for yourselves prizes in heaven, whereby neither moth no one rust nor robbers can break in." (Matthew 6:19)

Fear of windy speaking? take it a deep breath, imagine her audience sitting in their underwear and faint. This has operated for me a time or two!

Kent Stillson, a pastor at Bethesda Lutheran Church in Alexandria, write to assist people attach their life and faith. He have the right to be e-mailed in ~ prstills