An 80-year-old man in Ontario, Canada, combated off a bear the had damaged into his home. Critical week, Ontario Provincial Police commended him because that his bravery.

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Rafael Nadal renders 97-Year-Old's Dream Come True By playing A round Of Tennis through Him

October 31, 2021 / 3,033 views

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal make a 97-year-old fan's dream come true this weekend.


Luke Bryan Pulls end To assist Woman change Her Tire

October 29, 2021 / 2,827 views

When Courtney Potts blew her tires in the little town of Columbia, Tennessee, she remained in for a large surprise. The driver who stopped to aid her was nation superstar Luke Bryan.


Lifeguards carry Woman, 95, To beach Every Day throughout Her Vacation

October 28, 2021 / 4,359 views

Lifeguards in Alabama room being praised for moving a 95-year-old woman to her beach chair every work while she was on vacation.


'Everyone Is A Winner': volunteer In Switzerland help Harvest to apologize To protect against Food Waste

October 27, 2021 / 2,529 views

In Switzerland, a community association is linking orchards, volunteers and fruit presses, to ensure many more apples discover their method into the food chain.


Giant Owl Not checked out For 150 year Is Photographed In The Wild for The first Time

October 26, 2021 / 3,830 views

A giant owl the was believed to be extinct has actually been photographed in the wild because that the first time in 150 year by scientists working in Ghana.


'There space No unimportant Jobs': former FBI ceo Becomes institution Bus Driver during Shortage

October 25, 2021 / 3,652 views

A previous FBI boss has actually embarked top top a brand-new career as a bus driver in Virginia.


Bagel Shop Owner Shaves Head To present Customer She's no Alone

October 25, 2021 / 2,840 views

The owner that a bagel shop in new Jersey shaved his head to let a consistent customer understand she was no alone.


Dads Join pressures To lug Safety to Violent college -- and It's Working

October 24, 2021 / 8,261 views

When an SOS went up in ~ a troubled Louisiana high school, that answered the call? A bunch the dads.


'You are The Best component Of mine Day!' Girl With special needs Forms Friendship with Sanitation Worker

October 22, 2021 / 6,411 views

A tiny girl with special needs in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, can't wait because that the garbage truck come pull up to her home. Inside is one of her favourite people.

NZ Police re-superstructure Audio Of adorable Phone contact From 4-Year-Old Boy

October 21, 2021 / 4,519 views

A 4-year-old young in brand-new Zealand dialed 111 and also invited police come visit that to view his toys. Police take it him increase on the offer.

'It all Worked!' delivery Collects 20,000 Pounds of Trash indigenous Ocean

October 21, 2021 / 3,396 views

A nonprofit that has set out come clean increase 90% of plastic floating in the ocean has actually announced their an initial major victory: the remove of practically 20,000 pounds of floating ocean plastic pollution.


Bodycam video Shows Deputy conserve Child that Was Hiding Under Blanket during House Fire

October 20, 2021 / 4,384 views

A Florida deputy ran right into a burning home and rescued a 3-year-old boy that was hiding native the fire and smoke underneath a blanket.

'I Won't prevent Until it Happens': Michael J. Fox Raises $1 exchange rate To find Cure because that Parkinson's

October 19, 2021 / 3,857 views

20 years ago, Michael J. Fox launched the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson's study to assist fund research for therapies and also cures. The charity has raised more than $1 billion.


One day After brain Surgery, This Teacher check out A publication To her Students On on facebook Live

October 18, 2021 / 3,719 views

Just at some point after a teacher had surgery to eliminate a mind tumor, she hopped on on facebook Live to check out her elementary school students a bedtime story.

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Firefighter adopts Dog the Rescued In Apartment Fire

October 18, 2021 / 4,290 views

A Des Moines firefighter has a new best friend: a 16-month-old Mastiff.


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