This Is What the reality Feels Like is Gwen Stefani"s very first solo album in virtually 10 years, and also given every the alters she"s gone v recently, it"s no surprise that it"s also some of her most personal work to date. She divorced Gavin Rossdale last year ~ 13 years of marriage, then started dating she fellowVoicejudge Blake Shelton after ~ his divorce indigenous Miranda Lambert. While several ofTruth"s song are clearly about acquiring overthe pain of a breakup ("Used come Love You," because that example, or "Me there is no You"), simply as numerous are about the funny of brand-new love. Below, 20 text that are probably around Gwen"s new relationship v Blake, consisting of several that room definitely about sexting.

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1. You"re favor drugs, you"re prefer drugs to me / I"m so into you totally. ("Misery")

2. Theway that you kissed me wasn"t usual / took me out of my body, other spiritual. ("You"re mine Favorite")

3. I can"t think it, the you even exist / You recognize I would be dumb to provide perfection up. ("Truth")

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4. whereby would i be, boy, if girlfriend didn"t love me, young / If girlfriend didn"t love me, boy. ("Where would I Be")

5. Every work I think you and me an ext and much more / and also it"s crazy, that"s because that sure. ("Truth")

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6. Send me a picture right now / "Cause ns been wait such a lengthy time / To gain you ideal in prior of this eyes. ("Send Me a Picture")

7. probably I worthy this boy after all that I"ve been through / exactly how can every one of this be true. ("Truth")

8. There"s nothing I might do / I just can"t withstand / You got the perfect kiss. ("Where would I Be")

9. I"m thinking points I never thought before / prefer what your love would taste like, provide me more / Don"t sell this feeling at the grocery store store. ("Misery")

10. however out the everything, you"re my favorite / i tried a many things, yet you"re my favorite. ("You"re my Favorite")

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11. i was drifting out, then you traction me in / Lightning on my skin, turn me on similar to a switch / currently you got me lit, five no you didn"t. ("Where would I Be")

12. i really don"t wanna embarrass myself / No one"s gonna believe me, not also myself / and they"re every gonna speak I"m rebounding, so rebound all over me / "Cause ns don"t want nobody else. ("Truth")

13. You"re a sapphire / You"re a rolling stone / You"re a sparkle in a deep black color hole / You"re favor moon-shine when the curtains close / You"re mine answer, one the no one knows. ("Rare")

14. Why"d you have to go and also make me choose you / Yeah, this is a emotion I"m not used to / Why"d you need to go and make me prefer you / I"m for this reason mad at you "cause now you got me missing you. ("Make Me favor You")

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15. ns wanna watch you right currently with no filter / take another snapshot in the mirror. ("Send Me a Picture")

16. Yeah, you placing in overtime / i scored, you space the prize. ("Where would certainly I Be")

17. therefore this is what the fact feels prefer / Oh, this is much more of what I had actually in mind / Yeah, this is what the fact feels prefer / and I"m feeling it, I"m emotion it / Something around this simply feels therefore right. ("Truth")

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18. thank you for conserving me, ns can"t think it. ("Truth")

19. You"re rarely / I"m love every 2nd of it, don"t you recognize / You"re rare / and also only a stupid girl would certainly let that go. ("Rare")

20. are you all alone, baby, whatcha wearin? / Send a little something I can stare at. ("Send Me a Picture")

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