What Felicity Huffman currently calls the worst decision of her life pertained to a head in ~ 6 a.m. March 12, when six federal agents confirmed up at the door of her Hollywood Hills home, weapons drawn, to march the actress, in handcuffs, out of the kingdom of the beloved and also into the realm of the scorned.

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Letters the Huffman and also her husband, william H. Macy, composed to the judge that will sentence her next week market the most thorough explanation come date around how the couple got associated in the scandal and how they space grappling v Huffman’s extraordinary loss from grace.

Both award-winning actors claimed they to be trying to be great parents. Huffman to express deep regrets for she actions, adding she had disgraced herself and betrayed her daughter.

Perhaps due to the fact that of her exhilaration fame, perhaps due to the fact that she had dispensed folksy advice on motherhood from she blog, Huffman came to be a face of an admissions scandal the burst into view six months ago, when federal prosecutors in Massachusetts alleged affluent parents had actually for years payment staggering sums to resolve their children’s college entrance exams and slip them right into elite universities as phony athletes.

Yet, till Friday, Huffman had actually said tiny about why she payment a university admissions consultant $15,000 come rig her daughter’s sat score, leaving the general public to wonder: Why would certainly a mommy who might offer her children everything resort to fraud to acquire them ahead?

In she letter, Huffman stated she had actually panicked, having actually come to think her daughter’s low mathematics scores on the SAT would hamstring her dreams of coming to be an actress.


Federal prosecutors accused height CEOs, 2 Hollywood actresses and also others the taking part in an audacious plan to acquire their kids into upstream universities through fraud, bribes and lies.

“In my desperation to be a good mother,” she wrote, “I speak myself into believing the all i was law was providing my daughter a fair shot. I check out the irony in that statement now since what I have done is opposing of fair.”

Prosecutors ~ above Friday filed a blistering memo of their own, saying crime committed through Huffman and her co-defendants should not be taken as runaway parental zeal.

“All parents want to help their children get ahead,” they created in asking a referee to walk Huffman come prison, “yet most regulate to steer clean of conspiracy, bribery and also fraud.”

Huffman’s letter describes how she came to meet wilhelm “Rick” Singer, a university admissions consultant to the wealthy and also the mastermind that the fraud exposed by prosecutors this year. Singer pleaded guilty in march to 4 felonies, acknowledging that rigged SAT and ACT exams for his clients and also misrepresented their children as promising recruits for sporting activities they didn’t in reality play.



university admissions scandal: Prosecutors recommend one-month sentence because that Felicity Huffman

Prosecutors want Felicity Huffman to acquire a one-month jail sentence because that her function in the college admissions case, calling she dealings through mastermind william “Rick” Singer “deliberate and manifestly criminal.”

But when Huffman went looking for a university counselor in 2016, pertained to that her daughter’s publicly high school had just one overworked counselor because that 300 students, Singer was recommended by a girlfriend “as among the best experts in L.A.,” she wrote. “I was told I would certainly be lucky if I can get that to authorize on to help me.”

Huffman claimed she didn’t “go shopping” for a fixer come rig she daughter’s SAT, and didn’t even know it can be done.

Singer tutored her daughter legitimately, help her through the math section of the SAT, Huffman said, and she was “relieved the he seemed so great at his job, to be so confident and also knowledgeable.”

But ~ a year of tutoring, Singer said Huffman they no making much progress. “We still had a serious problem and, follow to him, he had the solution,” she said.



who’s pleaded guilty in university admissions scam? affluent parents. Coaches. A golden Globe winner.

Some figures in the college admissions scandal have vowed to fight commonwealth charges, saying they walk nothing wrong.

As explained by prosecutors, Singer described to Huffman and also Macy the he could pay a test proctor to enable an accomplice, Harvard-educated note Riddell, to correct their daughter’s answers on the SAT.

“We will make sure she it s okay the score she needs,” he told Huffman, according to her letter.

Riddell has actually pleaded guilty come conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering. When she pleaded guilty come fraud conspiracy in May, Huffman claimed she did not problem the prosecution’s account of her dealings v Singer.

Macy hasn’t to be charged through a crime. Although castle don’t determine him by name, charging papers filed through prosecutors present Macy discussed and assented come the cheating.

On a Saturday morning in December 2017, Huffman’s daughter take it the satellite at a private school in West Hollywood. As soon as she finished, Riddell corrected she answers. Both prosecutors and Huffman said the girl had actually no understanding of the scheme.


As she pleaded guilty because that her duty in the college admissions scandal Monday, a tearful Felicity Huffman tried to describe what motivated her.

Two months later, Huffman and Macy do a $15,000 “contribution” come Singer’s foundation, i beg your pardon has since been exposed as a conduit that enabled Singer’s client to funnel money come him, test proctors and college coaches while taking a taxation write-off.

Huffman was arrested in march 12. 2 days later, Macy stated in his letter, your older daughter flew come an audition at a college. When she landed, she learned in an email that the college had actually rescinded her invite to audition.

“She dubbed us from the airport in hysterics,” Macy said, “begging united state to, ‘Do something, please, execute something.’ ”

Ironically, Macy said, the college — which that didn’t surname — doesn’t require applicants to take it the SAT.

He said their daughter “has nightmares from the FBI agents waking her that morning with weapons drawn.”


The early-morning arrests of Huffman and also 32 various other parents in Manhattan, the Westside of Los Angeles and also other affluent enclaves throughout the nation raised eyebrows from some legal observers, who detailed prosecutors frequently let those fee with similar nonviolent offenses come negotiate a surrender.

But indigenous the job the instance was unsealed, prosecutors have emphasized the they intended to act Singer’s moneyed clients no various from any kind of other accused felons.

They cited that thinking again Friday in arguing why Huffman and 10 various other parents should be imprisoned because that conspiring v Singer.

“Incarceration is the only leveler,” they said. “In prison everyone is cure the same, dressed the same, and intermingled nevertheless of affluence, position or fame.”


inside the audacious college scheme to get children of the rich and also famous right into elite schools

Federal prosecutors say their investigation dubbed Operation Varsity Blues blows the lid turn off an audacious university admissions fraud system aimed at obtaining the children of the wealthy and powerful into upstream universities.

Prosecutors have actually asked that Huffman get a one-month jail sentence when she appears before U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani ~ above Sept. 13 together the first parent to it is in sentenced in the scandal.

Huffman’s attorneys say probation, a $20,000 fine and also 250 hrs of community business would suffice.

Since she arrest, Macy said in his letter, Huffman has actually hardly left their home due to the fact that the paparazzi “have one uncanny knack of finding her.” She’s received no job provides or auditions, he said, and also it’s unclear “when or exactly how Felicity will resume her exhilaration career.”

Their enlarge daughter has determined to take it a gap year yet plans to use to college again, Macy said. Your younger daughter is in she last year the high school.

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Yusi Zhao’s mommy says she believed she to be helping needy students in ~ Stanford — not buying her daughter’s join — once she payment $6.5 million right into a structure controlled by university admissions consultant wilhelm “Rick” Singer.

“She hurt her daughters,” Macy said. “It was the one point she swore never to do, and also she walk it. It’s a good lump of pain she carries v her every night and also day.”

Other letter submitted come the referee in support of Huffman contained one from her “Desperate Housewives” costar Eva Longoria. She stated Huffman took she under her wing ~ above the show and also was kind

“I to be the lowest-paid actor on the show, through far,” Longoria claimed in the letter. “Felicity carried up the we should negotiate together, other we call favored countries that method we all do the same. This supposed that my salary would substantially increase and also I would certainly be ~ above par v the much more experienced actors. Fine needless to say, the did no go over also well through the others. But Felicity stand up for me, speak it was fair since the success the the present depended on all of us, not among us.”

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