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Sedgwick County

Sedgwick county Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Crime Numbers

Sedgwick County tape-recorded a full of 28,232 part I crime in 2017, the most recent year v a complete set of crime statistics detailed by the office of Investigation. This number represents a 10.8% run in component I crime price over five years. A closer look at the 2017 crime data for the county shows that there were 38 murders, 372 rapes, 622 robberies, and also 3,259 aggravated assaults. Recorded building crimes incorporate 3,717 burglaries, 17,543 thefts, 2,681 motor vehicle thefts, and also 116 arsons.

Compared to 2013 crime data, over there were greater incidences of all violent crimes in Sedgwick County. Murder and also rape rates rose through 72.7% and 51.2% respectively while robbery and also aggravated attack rates enhanced by 28.8% and 33.3% respectively. The five-year crime tendency for Sedgwick County additionally reveals a modest jump of 8.2% for theft and a steeper 28.2% increase for motor automobile theft. On the various other hand, there were fewer instances of burglar (6.8%) and arson (5.7%) between 2013 and 2017.

Criminal Records

The bureau of examination (KBI) conducts and also provides criminal background record check for all the counties in the state. The collates details from different police departments, sheriff’s offices, courts, and prosecutors right into the central Repository. Members the the public have the right to request their own criminal background checks and also request background checks for various other people. They deserve to request name-based and fingerprint-based record checks.

To execute a name-based check, visit the Criminal background Record search portal on the website of the KBI. Requesters need to register and also sign in through their Subscriber account to usage this service. The fee because that name-based criminal record checks is $20 per individual.

The office of examination accepts fingerprint-based document checks by mail. Individuals reviewing their own records and also those requesting for certified document checks can also contact the KBI by mail. Because that a fingerprint-based check, attain the subject’s fingerprints ~ above a ten-print fingerprint card. Usage the FD form 28 fingerprint card designed by the FBI. This is obtainable from local police departments and also sheriff’s offices. Send the perfect card, there is no folding or stapling it, in an envelope to: office of InvestigationAttn: Criminal history Records Section1620 SW TylerTopeka, KS 66612-1837

You may also mail a inquiry to this address to acquire a empty FBI fingerprint card. The Topeka KBI office likewise provides fingerprinting service in between 8:00 a.m. And 4:30 p.m. Native Monday through Friday. That charges $10 for this service.

When requesting a personal criminal background record check, ask because that an FD-353 form. You might substitute this with a constant FD 258 kind if the FD-353 type is no available. Role your fingerprints on this card and include an applications letter alongside when requesting for a an individual criminal history check. Send the mail request to the same KBI address above. The fee because that a personal background check is $35.

To request a certified criminal background record, begin by printing and also completing a Certified Record check Request form. Send this along with payment to the KBI resolve above. Encompass a perfect fingerprint card as soon as requesting a fingerprint-based document check. The KBI fees $30 for each name-based certified document check and also $45 because that each fingerprint-based certified record check.

The Sedgwick county Sheriff’s Office releases incident reports top top request. Come ask about obtaining these records, contact Sheriff documents at (316) 660-3888 or send an e-mail to kora-fio

The Sheriff’s Office additionally provides a comfortable online device for locating registered sex offenders living in Sedgwick County. Visit the Offender Search web page to search for offenders by name, city, zip code, and also street address. The office of examination hosts a statewide Offender search Registry ~ above its website. Members that the public can search this Registry because that offenders judge of sex, violent, and drug charges.

The Detention basic in Sedgwick county is located at 141 West Elm, Wichita. Its phone call number is (316) 660-5245. The Sheriff’s Office operates this county jail. Friends and family members can put money in inmates’ accounts by paying through cash or credit/debit cards in ~ the kiosk situated in the lobby of the county jail. This kiosk is obtainable 24 hours a day and also every day of the week. Note that the kiosk seller charges a transaction dues of $3.25 for cash payments. Credit/debit map payments tempt a processing fee of $3.25 or 10%, whichever is greater.

Court Records

Sedgwick ar is home to the 18th Judicial ar Court the That office is situated at:

Sedgwick ar Courthouse525 North key StreetWichita, KS 67203Phone: (316) 660-5800

To check out the records of this court, involved the records Department top top the 6th floor that the Sedgwick ar Courthouse in between 8:00 a.m. And also 4:00 p.m. To use the public accessibility computers. Accessibility is also accessible in the 1st Floor Jury Room in between 4:00 p.m. And also 5:00 p.m. Obtainable records include marriage licenses and also case records from Civil, Criminal, Probate, and Domestic Courts and also the web traffic Division.

Members of the public can acquire printed copies of court documents at the 1st Floor Paystation. The documents Department additionally accepts fax, email, and also mail inquiry for copies of court documents. Fax your request to (316) 941-5358 or send it by email to micro Every mail requests need to go to:

Records Department525 N. Main, sixth floorWichita, KS 67203

The dues for printed court records is 25 cent per page. Copies ceded by fax tempt a fee of $2 because that the very first page and also $1 per web page for additional pages. There is second $1 fee for Certification of documents while action of conference carries a charge of $5 each. The Court also charges $12 per hour for records requiring extended research come retrieve.

There are also 18 Municipal court in the miscellaneous cities and towns of Sedgwick County. Documents for these courts are accessible at the particular courthouses. Listed below are call information for these courts:

Bel Aire Municipal Court7651 East central Park Avenue, Bel Aire, KS 67226Phone: (316) 744-6000

The Sedgwick county Clerk maintains all residential property records for the county. The Clerk gives a handy online search device for locating and finding information about real and an individual properties about the county. For extr information about land records, call the ar Clerk by phone call (316) 660-9222 or visiting the clerk Office in ~ Suite 211 the the Sedgwick county Courthouse in ~ 525 key Street, Wichita. or visit the Sedgwick ar Courthouse situated at 525 main Street, Wichita.

Divorce records are also accessible from the Office of an essential Statistics the the room of Health and Environment (KDHE). While the Sedgwick County district Court provides certified copies of divorce decrees, the State’s Office of critical Statistics (OVS) worries certified divorce certificates. To achieve a certified divorce certificate, visit or send a mail inquiry to the OVS of the KDHE at:

Curtis State Office Building1000 SW Jackson, Suite 120Topeka, KS 66612

The office opens up to the public from 9:00 a.m. Come 4:00 p.m. On weekdays. The OVS also accepts call requests. Call (877) 305-8315. The fee for each certified divorce certificate is $15. Encompass $12.5 expedited business fee because that a sirloin order. Just credit map payment is welcomed for call requests. Pay because that mail inquiry with check or money order. Fee for in-person requests space payable through cash, check, money order, and credit card.

The OVS additionally accepts requests because that birth, death, and marriage certificates using the same measures and deal with as above. That charges the very same fees because that these solutions too.

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Sedgwick County record Availability

Sedgwick Count makes its crime figures, criminal justice reports, offender information, court records, and vital records accessible to the public bothonline and/or physically. Obtaining several of these documents requires citizens to pay specific fees and also submit request forms. Generally, the lull of finding public records for Sedgwick ar is moderate. When searching for elusive records, take into consideration using an onlinerecord finderlike the search tools offered by State Records.