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In 2014, Becky Hammon ended up being the very first full-time mrs assistant coach in the NBA, adhering to a 16-year job in the WNBA. She joined the san Antonio spur as one assistant coach, wherein she’s to be for 6 years this season. “Pop didn’t just hand me an opportunity,” Hammon called ESPN. “It wasn’t around bringing a girl on board. It’s around that human fitting through the group.

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Kim Ng

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In 2020, Kim Ng came to be the an initial woman to become a basic manager for an MLB team, and also the very first woman to hold that location in the history of north American expert sports. She is the general manager that the Miami Marlins. She has functioned with the Chicago White Sox, new York Yankees, and also LA Dodgers prior to her place as GM, and in the MLB Commissioner’s Office.

Jennifer King

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Jennifer King made background in 2021 by ending up being the first black woman assistant coach in the NFL. She joined the Washington football Team in 2020 as a coaching intern before being advocated to assistant coach at the begin of the year. She is the 2nd female assistant coach in the NFL.

Katie Sowers

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Katie Sowers do NFL history in 2020 by coming to be the an initial female coach come coach at the Superbowl and also is the an initial openly happy coach in the NFL. She to be the offensive assistant coach to the san Francisco 49ers and has because left the team in efforts to find “an increased role” in her following position, according to CBS Sports.

Nancy Lieberman

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Nancy Lieberman, recognized for being an extremely talented WNBA player, came to be the an initial woman come coach a expert men’s team in 2009, once she ended up being the head coach of the Texas Legends in the NBA Developmental League. She likewise went ~ above to become the second female assistant coach in NBA history.

Jennifer Welter

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Jennifer Welter broke barriers in 2015 by coming to be the an initial female NFL coach, taking a component time coaching position with the Arizona Cardinals. She earned a gold medal at the IFAF Women’s human being Championship, having actually played for numerous years in professional and semi-professional women’s football leagues, and played rugby in college.

Dawn Braid

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In 2016 Dawn Braid ended up being the very first full-time female coach in the NHL, serving as a skating coach because that the Arizona Coyotes. Her hiring because that the duty followed seven years serving as the director of skating advancement at the Athletes Training centre in Ontario.

Bernadette Mattox

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Bernadette Mattox ended up being the an initial female assistant coach in department I men’s basketball in 1990 and became the an initial African American to coach women’s basketball in the Southeastern Conference. On height of that, she to be the an initial female athlete in Georgia to knife All-American and scholastic All-American honors.

Natalie Nakase

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In 2014, Natalie Nakase came to be the very first female coach to sit on an NBA team’s bench during the Clipper’s NBA Summer organization team. She ended up being a full time assistant coach in 2018, and prior come working v the clippers, she ended up being the first female coach in men’s pro basketball in Japan.

Kim Wyant

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As among the very couple of women that coach NCAA men’s, Kim Wyant is the very first woman to command a men’s soccer team to the NCAA tournament. Prior to her position as head coach for the brand-new York college men’s football team, she was one of the original members the the U.S. Soccer Women’s national Team.

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Emily Zaler

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As a recent graduate the Concordia-Chicago’s grasp of science in applied Exercise Science, Emily Zaler made history in late 2020 as soon as she came to be the very first female coach in Denver Broncos’ history, involvement the very few female coaches in the NFL. Zaler serves as the assistant strength and also conditioning coach for the Broncos, having functioned with the team together a invoice Walsh Diversity Coaching other prior to her joining together a full-time coach.