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Nya Seiuli the Maple Mountain and also Ashley Camacho that Maple hill wrestle in the 190 weight course at the 5A/3A/2A/1A girl wrestling state championship accomplish at mountain View High school in Orem ~ above Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021. Scott G Winterton, News

Female high institution wrestlers come from almost everywhere the state and also took come the mat at mountain View High institution Wednesday. It marked the first time in UHSAA background that state champions were crowned in girls wrestling through Monday’s 6A state tournament getting things started.

Without every category fielding sufficient participants, 1A, 2A, 3A and also 5A merged for your sport’s inaugural state championship tournament.

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High school girls wrestling: Westlake hat inaugural year the 6A girl wrestling through state title

After contending with and defeating numerous boys over the years, American management Academy senior Sage Mortimer had actually the opportunity to win a state championship versus Donna bright of Maple Mountain. The was not the state championship she had constantly envisioned for herself.

“It’s interesting that I acquire to be component of the very first girls’ competition in Utah,” Mortimer said, fighting ago tears. “But i am simply disappointed the I acquired the chance to wrestle my senior year versus the boys taken away from me. It renders me emotional just thinking around it. So as soon as I won this tournament, it was exciting and I am thankful I acquire to wrestle this year, but I to be disappointed and frustrated that ns didn’t acquire the possibility to wrestle versus the guys.”


Despite Mortimer’s win over Wright, American leadership Academy fell to 2nd overall behind Maple Mountain. Maple Mountain finished the day with 192.5 points if American leadership Academy scored 144. The two peak scoring schools were trailed by third-place Rich with 108 points.

Maple hill head coach Billy Cox had prepared his girls every year for this moment.

“They have actually sacrificed a lot. They have actually come in, we’ve had actually some really good, difficult practices,” he said. “We’ve unable to do to many tournaments to press them. I want to put them in deep water. I told them native the an extremely first, i’m going to put you in deep water and you room going to learn how to swim.”

The gold Eagles’ head coach felt the his team’s success began with the basics. “I desire my girls to get to the suggest where castle are farming as humans. My philosophy in my room is ‘first ns make a an excellent human, then ns make a an excellent wrestler,’” that said.

“It’s been kind of frustrating the past couple years that I’ve wrestled in the girls’ state championships there is no it being tape-recorded (as a UHSAA sanctioned sport). So ns think the pretty neat that this is the an initial year that it’s actually going to it is in recorded, and I get to be a part of it.” — Maple Mountain’s Abigail Archibald

Maple Mountain applied the great Cox teach them, through nine girls qualifying because that the semifinals. Two of the finals pitted gold Eagles against each other. Senior Ashley Camacho (190) pinned small teammate Nya Seiuli to take the grand prize. That was complied with by Morgan Honsvick (245) beating Aurellia Ramos in two and a fifty percent minutes.

The an initial girl to success an separation, personal, instance state championship for Maple mountain was Abigail Archibald (150). The senior grappler throttled Farmington’s Jessica Hacking for a 17-1 victory. After years of wrestling, Archibald to be excited to ultimately receive an ext recognition.

“It’s been kind of frustrating the past pair years the I’ve wrestled in the girls’ state championships without it being recorded (as a UHSAA sanctioned sport),” Archibald said. “So ns think it’s pretty neat that this is the an initial year the it’s in reality going to be recorded, and I get to be a component of it.”

Other individual champion of the day were American leadership Academy’s Rachel Camacho (108), Jacqueline Hernandez (120) and also Olivia Carrillo (136), Enterprise’s Corrie Williams (124), mountain View’s Lillian Spieth (128), Grantsville’s Jade Garcia (132) and Hannah Broderick (170), Springville’s Hotaia Valeti (140), Duchesne’s Kacy Mecham (145), and also Timpview’s Taimane Fiatoa (160).

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