Harley Quinn, Tonya Harding, Queen Elizabeth I.... Currently Margot Robbie can add a pirate to she eclectic CV of characters.

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You read that right. Follow to reports, the Academy award nominee has actually been tapped to lead a female-led work again, please again of The Pirates the The Caribbean.

Over the weekend, The Hollywood Reporter broke the story the Robbie would certainly be starring in a remake for Disney created by Birds Of prey writer Christina Hodson.

The industry magazine states the new project, while currently under wraps, will most likely not it is in a spin-off the the effective noughties franchise i beg your pardon starred Johnny Depp together Captain Jack Sparrow, Keira Knightley together Elizabeth Swann and Orlando Bloom together Elizabeth"s love interest will Turner, however instead a new version through a new main story and characters.

The appetite for stories concerned the long-running franchise is evident, v a different Pirates of the Caribbean feature project likewise underway in ~ Disney, separate to the Robbie-starring version.


No other details of that will be contained in the cast have to be announced however but, just like the past few years, Robbie shows up to have actually a liven schedule ahead of her.

Last year, proving her commitment come female-led projects, it was revealed the she would certainly be teaming up v Greta Gerwig for the hugely-anticipated feminist Barbie film and has likewise been working on Marian - an alternate Robin Hood tale concentrating on the mrs at the centre of the classic folk story.


This adheres to Robbie"s jam-packed 2019 which witnessed her beat Sharon Tate in Quentin Tarantino"s Once top top A Time In... Hollywood, an ambitious Fox news reporter that helps uncover sexual harassment in ~ the greatest level in the conservative newsroom in Bombshell and reprising Harley Quinn for her own spin-off Birds that Prey.

roll on an ext Margot Robbie films...

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