Ahead of a rumored upcoming album titledRevival,Eminemwas enlisted this weekend asSaturday Night Live‘s music guest. Rather than performing two separate times, the hip-hop star rather opted because that a prolonged medley (as artist likePrincehave excellent before) that experienced him provide his latest track together with old favorites.

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The medleyfittingly started with “Walk on Water,” i beg your pardon Eminem recently performed because that the first time at the europe Music Awards. When the tune itself featuresBeyonce, his longtime collaborator Skylar Greyoffered guest vocals insteadwhile likewise playing piano. (She previously joined the rapper because that his lastSNLappearance in 2013.)

While many assumed (and hoped) the complying with song would certainly be however another brand-new track, the Detroit native gifted fans v a throwback together he and also Grey seamlessly transitioned right into Eminem’s 2000 hit “Stan,” v GreysingingDido‘s “Thank You,” i beg your pardon starts off the song and serves together its chorus.

Following that, the two dove right right into “Love the way You Lie,” v Grey to sing Rihanna’s component on the tune.


Without a doubt, new material would have been warmly welcomed. However the nine-minuteset native Emproved solve enough.

Watch the full performance below.

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