Females Gathered intelligence for the Patriot Cause

during the Revolutionary War, both the British and also American militaries recruited ladies as cooks and maids. With their practically unrestricted access, these women might eavesdrop top top conversations in soldiers’ campsites and provide the critical intelligence they gathered come military and also civilian leaders. Part reported straight to basic George Washington, who came to highly value the information he obtained from these “agents in place.”

Spying top top the Enemy as their husbands, sons, brothers, fathers and also uncles take it up arms, these women offered as the eyes and also ears for military leaders, providing invaluable intelligence details throughout the war. Allied with either the brother loyalist or American patriot cause, spy networks sprang up throughout the colonies. an ext and an ext records are start to surface that suggest something the what this “patriots in petticoats” endured and also contributed come the American Revolution. Aiding their cover were prevailing attitudes toward ladies by their male counterparts: females were taken into consideration innocent and also non-threatening. As such, couple of commanders perceived these early american homemakers as cause for concern, despite the fact that castle were using women as mystery agents come gather critical intelligence because that their very own armies.

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Espionage and counterespionage were as commonplace during the 18th century together they were in the 20th century throughout the Cold War. During the Revolutionary War, spies for both England and also America obtained and transmitted information about troop movement, supplies, fortifications, and also political maneuvers. Loyalists in America (or Tories as they were regularly called) to be happy come provide mystery information come the Crown. Also Benjamin Franklin’s boy William, that was a loyalist, spied ~ above his very own father and also reported the elder Franklin’s activities to the brothers authorities.

In 1775, the 2nd Continental Congress produced the Committee of secret Correspondence, which was charged with gathering intelligence and “corresponding v our girlfriend in good Britain and other parts of the world” to gain information that would be beneficial to the American cause and also to forge partnerships with foreign countries. Benjamin Franklin, who oversaw the Committee’s work, worked closely with basic George Washington, interpreting and directing foreign and military intelligence activities.

also before setup up the Committee of mystery Correspondence, the second Continental congress had produced a an enig Committee by a resolution on September 18, 1775. The Committee was given broad powers and large sums the money to obtain military provides in secret, and also was charged through distributing supplies and also selling gunpowder to privateers chartered by the continent Congress. The Committee also took over and administered the secret contracts for arms and gunpowder previously negotiated by details members the the Congress without the formal sanction of the body.

The mystery Committee to work agents overseas, and gathered intelligence about Tory mystery ammunition stores and arranged to seize them. Lock sent objectives to plunder British provides in the southerly colonies, i ordered it the acquisition of armed forces stores with intermediaries so regarding conceal the truth that the continental Congress to be the true purchaser, used foreign flags to defend its ship from the british fleet.

~ above June 5, 1776, the conference appointed john Adams, thomas Jefferson, Edward Rutledge, James Wilson, and also Robert Livingston “to consider what is appropriate to it is in done v persons giving intelligence to the foe or supplying them through provisions.” The very same Committee was charged through revising the posts of war in regard come espionage directed against the patriot forces. There to be no civilian espionage act, and military legislation did not carry out punishment severe enough to bought a deterrent, in the judgment of Washington and also other Patriot leaders. Top top November 7, 1775, the continent Congress added the fatality penalty because that espionage to the write-ups of War.

Methods that Espionage Like contemporary secret agents, American and also British spies during the American change used a number of methods for hiding and transmitting information, consisting of invisible ink, secret codes, and also blind drops. A an enig code would certainly be set up that provided letters or numbers to stand for various other words. In order come decode the messages, the recipient essential a crucial or password book.

several kinds the invisible ink were provided by both sides throughout the war. One type was activated with heat and others by miscellaneous chemicals. The invisible article was typically written between the currently of a letter, which would show up to be totally innocent. Top top receipt, the reader would either heat the letter end a fire or placed it right into a chemical bath to reveal the surprise message.

letter or messages would be left at a remote drop, which to be a ar that was agreed upon in advance, such together a park bench or hollow tree. The post would it is in left by one human to be picked up later by another. Periodically messages would be reduced into slivers and also stored in the hole stem the a quill. Hole silver balls were likewise used to store and also carry messages. Not much larger than a musket ball, these balls could be quickly concealed, or even swallowed if the messenger to be captured.

through the British record of Philadelphia top top September 26, 1777, and also with the Continental military opposing the intruders with decreasing numbers, general Washington needed immediate, first-hand intelligence of the enemy’s intentions, motions, and condition. Come supervise this vital work the sought for a male of intelligence and discretion, familiar with regional inhabitants and locale, and also who might be relied top top to develop fresh, correct info by whatever direct or devious way were necessary. The General’s an option fell on major John Clark Jr. Of Pennsylvania, Aide-de-Camp to major General Nathaniel Greene.

return Clark’s assessments and information as chief that spies to be not always exact (nor can they be supposed to be in together a risky task), the correspondence in between Washington and also Clark discover the exceeding pains and also dangers competent by Clark and his various spies to supply the Commander-in-Chief with the ideal advice possible.

George Washington was a skilled manager that intelligence. He made use of agents behind adversary lines, recruited both Tory and Patriot sources, interrogated travelers for knowledge information, and launched scores of agents top top both intelligence and counterintelligence missions. Although he consistently urged all his officers to be more active in collecting intelligence, Washington relied chiefly top top his aides and specially designated police officers to aid him in conducting knowledge operations.

more than likely the an initial Patriot organization produced for counterintelligence functions was the Committee because that Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies. It was consisted of of a collection of groups developed in brand-new York in between June 1776 and also January 1778 to collect intelligence, apprehend brother spies and couriers, and examine suspected British sympathizers. In effect, over there was produced a “secret service” for brand-new York which had actually the strength to arrest, to convict, to grant bail or parole, and also to jail or come deport.

Nathan Hale The young male named Nathan Hale is more than likely the best known however least successful American agent in the battle of Independence. ~ a crushing defeat at the fight of long Island, Washington called for a volunteer to spy ~ above the British and also report come the American command with details of future battle plans. Hale volunteered, however he had no training, no contact in new York, and also no channels of communication. The was captured behind foe lines if trying to slip out of brand-new York, to be convicted together a spy and went come the gallows on September 22, 1776, whereby he said, “I just regret that ns have however one life to lose for my country.”

The Setauket Spy Ring while the british controlled new York City, there was much that the commander in chief necessary to know: the sizes and numbers of ship in the harbor and also how they to be protected; the variety of men guarding the city, and also how they were deployed; descriptions of forts and redoubts that had been developed by the British; the state that the provisions, forage, and also fuel to it is in attended to, as likewise the health and also spirits of the army, navy, and City.”

The Setauket spy ring began its activities on a small scale in 1778, through Abraham Woodhull, alias Samuel Culper, doing lot of the snooping in new York. The ring work both men and women, and also based its operations in new York and also Long Island. Many members that the espionage group used your professions as cover, relying ~ above customers and also patrons native the British military to divulge information around British military operations voluntarily. Number of members the the Culper Ring were recorded by british occupation authorities, yet the ring never stopped feeding details to American authorities during the war.

Agent 355 355 to be the numeric substitution code designation supplied by the Setauket Spy Ring to represent the word woman. This agent to be referred to simply as 355 to protect her work and life. She provided timely and also accurate info to basic Washington, played critical role in counterintelligence missions that uncovered Benedict Arnold’s treason, and facilitated the arrest of major John André, head that England’s knowledge Operations in new York. She true identification remains a an enig today.

Anna blacksmith Strong The spies in the Setauket Spy Ring had a long Island woman who was a strong and ardent patriot. Anna Smith solid devised a to wash line signal mechanism to determine for Abraham Woodhull the whereabouts of Caleb Brewster’s Whaleboat, so that Woodhull could find him and pass follow me the messages supposed for general Washington. To stop detection through the British, Brewster had to hide his boat in six various places, each determined by a number.


Anna strong hung wash on the clothesline in a code development to straight Woodhull to the exactly location. A black color petticoat to be the signal the Brewster was nearby, and also the variety of handkerchiefs scattered amongst the other clothing on the line verified the conference place. Using the many ordinary of personal items and also improvising top top the most ordinary of personal tasks, solid made an extraordinary contribution to the reason of freedom.

Lydia Darragh officers of the British pressures occupying Philadelphia supplied a big upstairs room in the Darragh residence for conferences. When they did, Lydia Darragh would certainly slip into an adjoining closet and take note on the enemy’s army plans. Her husband, William, would certainly transcribe the intelligence in a type of shorthand on tiny slips of paper that Lydia would certainly then position on a switch mold prior to covering it v fabric. The message-bearing buttons were climate sewn onto the coat of she fourteen-year-old son, John, that would climate be sent to visit his elder brother, lieutenant Charles Darragh, that the American forces exterior the city. Charles would snip turn off the buttons and transcribe the shorthand notes right into readable type for presentation come his officers.

Ann Bates Ann Bates to be a loyalist spy because that the brother forces. She to be a teacher in Philadelphia, and also began spying for the British at some time in 1778. She posed together a peddler, offering thread, needles, knives, and also utensils come the American camp followers. In this manner, Bates traveled v rebel camps, count the variety of men and weapons, and meeting with other loyalist sympathizers in the American army. On might 12, 1780, Bates asked for to leave Clinton’s espionage ring and also join her husband, a total repairman through the brothers Army, in Charleston, south Carolina.

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numerous other heroic Patriots gathered the knowledge that aided win the war of Independence, and their knowledge duties required countless of them come pose as among the enemy, incurring the hate of household members and friends – some even having their home seized or burned, and their households driven from their homes. Many of them provided their stays to help establish America’s freedom.

after ~ the end of the Revolution, and the establishment of an elevation United claims government, most military and espionage organizations were dissolved. Until the outbreak of people War i in 1914, American intelligence agencies and services were solely wartime organizations, promptly assembled in time of conflict, and also dissolved in times of peace.

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