Generally women connected in teacher-pupil sex-related abuse situations do not fit the mould the what many think about a “predatory paedophile.”

More 보다 100 women were convicted of sexual offences in the UK in 2015. The figures, derived via a freedom of details request, present the number of convictions virtually trebled in a decade. Amongst those convicted were a variety of school staff, consisting of teachers, a head teacher and also a to teach assistant.

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The attractive female teacher “seducing” the wide-eyed teenage pupil is a plot line that has actually recently featured in two popular TV shows: Ackley Bridge and Hollyoaks. This sort of story is often depicted as a “coming that age” experience yet legally, a teacher engaging in any form of sexual relationship with a boy under their treatment is abuse. And also while it’s not spoken about an extremely often, female perpetrated sex-related abuse in institutions does happen.

Although this form of abuse goes on, identify how common it is can be very difficult, provided the restricted research in this area. One research in the US uncovered women to be responsible because that 19% that child sex-related abuse cursed in positions of trust. A recent worldwide research review throughout a variety of countries likewise found concerning levels – reporting that one in ripe sex offenders to be female.

And yet, regardless of these figures, what is officially taped in criminal justice statistics has tendency to be much lower. In 2011, because that example, women comprised only 1.5% of the sex offender populace in jail or ~ above probation in England and Wales.

Not like various other sex offenders

Generally women affiliated in this form of teacher-pupil situation do not fit the mould that what many consider a “predatory paedophile”, in that unlike other sex criminal they do not specifically enter their professions to access children. Rather my study has found that countless (though no all) of this women show up to abuse because of their own unmet intimacy needs resulting from connection problems and also feelings of loneliness for example.

These ladies are also different from other female sex criminal in that they are normally older, much more affluent, have better social skills and less problems with problem abuse. Your behaviour is additionally to some degree influenced through the really situations they space working in.


Many, though not all, show up to abuse together a result of their own intimacy needs. Shutterstock

Existing study is unclear if these species of female sex offenders often tend to prefer male or woman victims. Indeed, my very own research has displayed that while male pupils are the most usual victims, over a fifth of victims room female. And also I’ve additionally found that countless of these women that abuse girls room not known to have previously been connected in same-sex adult relationships.

The female abuser

Despite the impact this kind of abuse have the right to have top top a victim, in these varieties of situations it is often questioned whether this is anything much more than just experienced misconduct if the victim is end the period of consent.

This is because social and cultural norms average that ladies are frequently viewed together nurturers and carers, “the fairer sex” and therefore not qualified of sexual aggression. Therefore this method that abuse by a mrs is seen as being less harmful 보다 abuse by a male – and viewed as the an outcome of mental instability or coercion by a male partner. And also this not only minimises the offending behaviour, yet it also unfairly downplays the aftermath for victims.

This action is abusive and needs come be pertained to as such. It is a form of sexual violence recognised in law since the arrival the sex-related Offences (Amendment) action in 2000. This provides it fairly clear that any type of sexual behaviour between an adult and a young person aged end the age of consent – i m sorry in the UK is 16 – yet under the period of 18, is a criminal offence, and also punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

The realities that abuse

Although that is optimistic that there is more coverage of female sex offenders throughout the mainstream media, sadly, these representations are all to frequently sensationalised and do no portray the fact of the abuse and the impact it have the right to have ~ above victims.

There needs to be much less of the soft focus, romantic themed shots collection against dreamy music and much more of the harsh fact of the influence of this type of abuse on young people – and their friends, families and also communities.

Ultimately, these unreasonable female teacher-pupil relationships have to be reported and also presented in the same means they would certainly be if the perpetrator to be a male – which often tends to be much much more a rigid of abuse fairly than the star crossed lovers motif so often seen in TV dramas.


Andrea J. Darling is a researcher in criminology at Durham University.

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