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through frightening regularity, teacher sex scandals seem to surface in the period of society media. Here are three teacher sexual abuse situations involving teacher from mountain Diego, Ohio and also Oklahoma.

Having a romantic or sexual partnership with an underage college student is a shocking exploitation that power. Below are 9 mental sex scandals entailing teachers.

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Debra Lafave to be a Florida teacher that became notorious after having an affair through a 14-year-old student. According to the New York everyday News, Lafave pled guilty in 2005 to at least 4 sexual encounters with among her center school student a year before. She to be married in ~ the time, and she and also her husband divorced between the scandal.

She faced up come 30 years in prison however her attorney claimed "to place Debbie right into a Florida state women"s penitentiary, to location an attractive young woman in that kind of hellhole, is prefer putting a item of raw meat in with the lions."

According to Aol, since her victim didn’t want to was standing trial, Lafave pleaded guilty to 2 counts the lewd and lascivious battery and also got off with residence arrest and also probation.

She later on sued Florida to have actually her parole ended and also won. Debra Lafave, who is currently 36, was able to finish her probation beforehand in 2014.

Her ex-husband Owen Lafave said Ocala that in 2006 the he often felt like he had a sign roughly his neck the said, “I’m Owen Lafave, my wife slept v a child.”

He claimed he sustained a lot since of the sex scandal.

“I heard all the joke on the cable talk shows and also how guys say they wish they had actually a teacher favor her. Some people thought she walk this since of me; they thought I was gay or we didn’t have an intimate sexual relationship,” that said.


2. Mar Kay Letourneau


Mary Kay Letourneau was 34 and married when she started her partnership with 12-year-old student Vili Fualaau. It to be 1996, and also Letourneau was Fualaau’s 6th grade teacher.

In a 2015 interview v Barbara Walters, Letourneau said, "The incident was a so late night that didn"t stop with a kiss. I thought that it would and also it didn"t."

Police found Letourneau and Fualaau in a minivan parked at the Des Moines Marina, according to Biography. Letourneau lied come police and also said the the young was 18. She was soon arrested because that second-degree boy rape. Not lengthy after, she found out she was pregnant through Fualaau’s child.

She provided birth to their an initial daughter no long before Letourneau pleaded guilty to kid rape in exchange for a three-month jail sentence and also probation. The judge approved the plea bargain on condition that Letourneau had no contact with Fualaau.

By 1998, she was the end of jail, and soon after, police as soon as again recorded Letourneau and Fualaau with each other in a car. She was arrested because that parole violation. Follow to Biography, police uncovered $6,200 in cash, infant clothing, and Letourneau’s passport within the car. Authorities speculated that the pair was planning to flee the country. Letourneau became pregnant with their 2nd daughter to who she offered birth to in prison. Both daughters to be in the custody that Fualaau’s mother while Letourneau offered six years in prison.

When she gained out the jail, Fualaau, who was 21 at the time, filed a activity in court to reverse no-contact order versus Letourneau. The judge granted the request and the pair married in 2005. They celebrated their 10-year anniversary in 2015 and are increasing their 2 daughters together. Letourneau currently works as a legitimate assistant and Fualaau works as a DJ and also employee at a residence garden center. She is 53 and he is 32. 


3. Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess


Alabama teacher and also coach Matthew Shane Wester was 37 when he was charged with recorded having sex through a college student in 2015. Amidst the sex scandal Wester divorced his wife and then 67 days later on married the 18-year old student.

According to the New York day-to-day News, a prosecutor claimed the previous teacher married student Amy Nicole Cox in an attempt to keep her from testifying at trial, a prosecutor charges.

Wester taught math and also was the head monitor coach and an assistant football coach in ~ the high school. He was charged with being a institution employee and also having sexual contact with a student under 19 year old.

Charges to be dropped against Wester in 2016.


5. Brianne Altice


Utah teacher Brianne Altice pleaded guilty in 2015 to sexual abuse for having sex with three of her students.

According come People, Altice said, “This was no one else’s fault but my own. This was no my ex-husband’s fault, or the school’s fault, or my students’ fault. These to be my poor, poor decisions. I’m really aware that it and also I am an extremely remorseful. Ns regret the decisions i made that brought us here.”

She was English teacher a wife and a mommy of two.Altice, that is currently 37, had actually pleaded guilty to 3 counts that forcible sex abuse in exchange for 11 charges consisting of three first-degree felony rape charges gaining dropped.

In 2013, among the victims come forward to police according to People. She victims to be 16 and 17 in ~ the time.

Altice had actually admitted to having actually sex with a the 16-year-old student in a church parking lot and also during the college lunch hour. She additionally confessed, follow to People, to having sexual contact with a 17-year-old after ~ she was arrested and also while the end on bail.

“I had too much self-esteem issues, and they said things the made me feel great about myself,” she said. “I just started to justification everything. Ns wasn’t functioning in a healthy adult manner in ~ all.”

District lawyer Cristina Ortega told world that, “I think she took advantage of each of the boys and what concerns they may have had, whether it was their family or drugs or that sort of thing. …. I think she took advantage of that and also she make their problems even worse. And also on height of that, they had to attend to the publicly scrutiny that a lot of of world saying, ‘You room not a victim since you are a boy.’ ns think she layered on the influence with these boys.”

Altice’s existing release date is 2045.


6. Tad Cummins


50-year-old Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins has allegedly operation away through 15-year-old Elizabeth cutting board on in march 13 through Cummins. The was her forensics teacher. The 2 were spotted ~ above a security camera at an Oklahoma City Wal-mart two days later, yet neither have been heard or seen since.

According to various reports, Cummins and also Thomas were viewed kissing in a classroom. They also wrote each other love notes on a college computer. On march 5th, Cummins researched teen marriage online follow to the Tennessee office of Investigation. Her instagram bio has been changed recently to include "wife."

According to Crime Online, cutting board told friends and family she was scared the Cummins. A court file from Thomas’ dad alleges that Cummins would certainly visit the girl’s job at a rapid food restaurant versus her wishes.

Police believe that Cummins walk away the teen and also he is now on the top 10 most Wanted List.


7. Pamela Smart

49-year-old clever was a media coordinator in ~ a high school where she met 15-year-old Billy Flynn. She additionally led a program dubbed that was expected to help teenagers cope v sex and also drugs. The climate 22-year-old married Smart and Flynn began an affair. Allegedly, Smart persuaded Flynn to kill her husband, Gregg Smart.

Flynn and three friends eliminated Smart’s husband in 1990 while she to be at a board meeting. According to the New York Post, Flynn’s friend Patrick “Pete” Randall held a knife to Gregg Smart’s neck while Flynn shot him in the head.

Pamela Smart has admitted come seducing Flynn, yet has always claimed innocence about the murder. Flynn and his friends have actually all to be released from jail after cutting transaction to testify versus Smart.

The trial inspired the Joyce Maynard novel To die For, which was made right into a film.


8. Heather Phillips


Preschool teacher pagan Phillips had actually sex through her 12-year-old daughter"s boyfriend, that was 15. She claimed that the teen got her pregnant. The mom was 40 in ~ the time.

According come WPBF News, an abc affiliate in Florida, Phillips to be charged through two counts the lewd and lascivious behavior/sexual task with a son under 16.

A police report stated it all started as soon as the two would have private conversations around Phillips" daughter and her relationship with the boy. Frequently the conversations would take location after the pair had arguments.

According to WPBF News, Phillips urged the teenager to not break up v her daughter. But, she additionally allegedly said him the he was a "hot kid” and also that she herself had actually feelings because that him.

Phillips started messaging the victim in 2015 using an app called ooVoo after he broke up through her daughter. Soon, Phillips and the 15-year-old met at a park wherein they allegedly had sex top top a slide. The victim said police the the sex was no consensual and that Phillips compelled him.

In a separate incident, Phillips allegedly drove to the boy"s home and also asked him to obtain inside her car. She drove the to she house, and also brought that to her bedroom. The victim said he didn’t want to have sex, according to the report. Phillips then allegedly took out a bag knife and also laid in ~ above the nightstand and also told that "don"t run.” She accused performed dental sex top top him. Then, lock allegedly had actually unprotected sex 7 times. 2 weeks later, she contacted him come tell him that she to be pregnant.


9. Melody Suzanne Lippert and also Michelle Louise Ghirelli

Two California high institution teachers were convicted of having actually underage sex through a male student during a drug-fueled camping trip in 2014.

According come KTLA, Melody Suzanne Lippert and also Michelle Louise Ghirelli go on a 3 day camping trips with 5 of your students. The expedition was organized by Lippert and was not approved by the school. Lippert was 38 at the time time and Ghirelli was 30.

Ghirelli gave alcohol and also cocaine come the students, prosecutors said. She also had sexual relationships with a 17-year-old student throughout trip, which was apparently assisted in by Lippert.

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Lippert pleaded guilty come one felony count of unlawful sexual intercourse was sentenced to three years officially probation and also three month in jail. Ghirelli pleaded guilty to one felony counting of unlawful sexual intercourse and also one felony count of furnishing a controlled substance. She was sentenced to 3 years official probation and 180 work in jail.