A vegan café in Melbourne, Australia has closed 2 years after presenting a “man tax” the aimed to “reflect the gender pay gap.”

Handsome she announced the news ~ above their facebook page, yet stressed that the 18% premium fee to male customers one week per month was not the reason for the shut down. The women-run café introduced the plan in 2017 as an optional up-charge that would certainly be donated to charity.

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“If priziv.org aren’t comfortable payment it or men don’t want to salary it, we’re no going to absent them the end the door,” owner Alexandra O’Brien said the Herald Sun in ~ the time. “It’s simply a an excellent opportunity to perform some good.”

On Thursday, O’Brien explained on facebook that back the tax triggered some hate from critics, that did not destroy their spirit.

“These abusive comments have actually been mostly amusing, just reinforced our views around how toxic sexism is, and great motivation for united state to save up the an excellent work,” she said.



The post additionally clarified that the organization closed not because men refuse to salary the taxes (“Most the our male customers have actually happily paid above and beyond,” she said) yet rather that the “social experiment” that was the restaurant had actually simply run its course.

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“As much as civilization would love to think it, sorry yet the max taxes did not run our business into the ground, we just don’t want to very own a coffee shop anymore,” the read. “For real though, we have actually sold the business since we room young, educated and also off on our next adventure!”

Along v the guy tax, Handsome Her had other rule that dropped in line v their mission the “female empowerment.” A authorize outlining their home rules in 2017 proclaimed that “women have priority seating” and also “respect go both ways.”

To honor your last day of business, the café closeup of the door down with the same top priorities they started with—they offered a “pay together you feel scheme” with proceeds benefitting Maiti Nepal, an company working to protect women and girls from trafficking and domestic violence.

“We remain ever before yours,” Handsome Her’s Facebook post signed off, “the leftist, extremist, man-hating, vegan d—- of your worst nightmare.”

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