Do you reap spending time in the life room? carry out your guests feeling comfortable once you game them in her living room?

If friend answer “no” to the concerns above, the Feng Shui of your living room could be the problem here.

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Let me make two points clear first.

One, the objective of the living room is because that you to relax and also to game guests. Unequal the bedroom where it is private and also is an ext “Yin”, the life room is one area the is an ext “Yang”. It is where human being are active, talking, and also moving around. (Related: A guide to Feng Shui Yin-Yang Theory)

Second, life room Feng Shui is just a TINY component of Feng Shui. The is not also one that the major areas of focus in Feng Shui. The 3 areas of focus are the kitchen, front door, and also bedroom. Your locations, relative to the house’s orientation (and countless other factors), has a lot bigger impact on her life.

So when you go about following the Feng Shui tips and rules provided here, carry out NOT expect large changes in her life. What you deserve to expect is that you and also your guest will enjoy more comfort in your living room. This, in turn, have the right to strengthen both your mental well-being and also your social connections.

Here goes!

Living Room Location

1. Perfect Close to Front Door

When you enter a house, the first room come greet you need to be the living room. Imagine the alternatives. Exactly how would you feel if you enter a house and also see the grasp bedroom? Or when you enter you go straight to the kitchen or dining area? Something simply doesn’t feel “right”, does it?

Relaxing ~ above a sofa v a walkway behind may not give you the many comfortable feeling.

The remedy right here is similar to the remedy for sofa that’s not against a wall, i m sorry is to place a hefty furniture behind the sofa. (see #15 over for much more details)

19. Prevent Sofa Under Beam

This ide is the same as having actually the stove or bed under a beam. What the beam brings is a kind of an adverse energy (Xa) that can cause issues to your health. Rather say the this will placed you in a situation where you space “forced to bow, submit, and/or concede”.

This only uses if the beam is directly above your head once you’re seated on the sofa. If that’s the case, just move her sofa or couch far from the beam. As for cure, some experts argued placing big tree-like plants underneath the beam together its upward growth is said to counter the beam’s compressing Xa energy.

20. Locations to placed Rarely supplied Furniture

Is there suitable place in her living room to placed your bookshelves, bowl stands, wine cabinets, or other furniture that’s not used frequently? The prize is yes.

Just as exactly how restrooms and storage rooms room ideally situated in the inauspicious locations based on your Kua, the ideal places to placed rarely provided furniture room where yes sir negative type energy hitting that area. These locations include areas under a beam or the area it is at the end of the former door.

21. Furniture location should enable Qi to circulation Smoothly

Qi flow is sometimes similar to just how we humans walk roughly an area. Once placing furniture, make sure their placement will certainly not do you feel choose you have to walk one extra mile to go somewhere. Convenience is much more important than following the tips and rules laid the end in this article, depending upon the severity of the issue.

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As Uncle Dixer said: Feng Shui standards said it very clearly: be virtually efficient first, then ritually correct.

22. When Furniture Placement rule Conflict

What if you desire to placed your sofa in an auspicious location, such as in among the Feng Shui wealth areas, however doing therefore would place your sofa under a beam?