Image caption, Abu Dhabi's Ferrari people will it is in the largest indoor amusement park in the world
Climb aboard the world's fastest rollercoaster. Be prepared to reach speeds of up to 240 km/h (149mph) and also enjoy a feeling comparable to a Formula One gyeongju driver.

That is the exaggeration from those behind Abu Dhabi's Ferrari World, the biggest indoor design template park in the world, which opens on Wednesday.

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The Formula Rossa rollercoaster boasts acceleration indigenous 0 come 60mph (97km/h) in 2 seconds, and takes the location from the Kingda Ka in new Jersey, US, i beg your pardon reaches speeds of 128mph.

But might you stomach such speeds? Why space some people so risk-averse, while others seek to find the highest, many adrenaline-filled activity they have the right to find?

"We room all predisposed in some means to look for thrill," says Brendan Walker, one aeronautical engineer and also thrills expert.

"Thrill is the an extremely stuff the life. It's what motivates us to continue to be alive and it rewards united state to evade danger, or to have fantastic sex, and rewards us as soon as we feel too much hunger and also thirst."

The an answer is a collection of chemistry reactions in the body, that says, through "thrill" essentially being the release of adrenaline and dopamine.

"The closest synthetic substance is cocaine, i beg your pardon is why that is therefore addictive and why some world get an ext addicted come thrill," that explains.

Some people, the says, are genetically more predisposed to the effects of dopamine - a attach found by scientists in the 1990s who uncovered the D4DR gene.

The distinction lies in the variety of repeats of the succession of this D4DR gene: the larger variety of repeats, the less receptive a human being is to dopamine.

Although the popular of layout parks has actually soared in recent years, the ide of such thrill-seeking is naught new.

The rollercoaster has actually been about for century - that is believed their root are found in Russian ice slides, amusement devices arisen in the 17th Century, consist of of carts i m sorry were moved down wood slopes.

These are said to have actually inspired the an initial rollercoaster in 1884, in Coney Island in the united state - a journey which is down in the history books together a an excellent success.

Technological advancements brought stole coasters, instead of wood ones, however some enthusiasts stated the unpredictability of wood gave traditional ones an extra edge.


Some, such together Professor Marvin Zuckerman, case there is a certain personality that goes through the enjoyment of theme park rides.

In a famous 1971 study, Prof Zuckerman concluded that being a "sensation-seeker", together he call it, method you room far an ext likely to take dangers for novel experiences.

Such human being likely enjoy high-intensity rock music, watch sex and horror films, travel to exotic places, and party, as well as take part in adventurous tasks and too much sport.

But how far can us go? Rollercoasters may create a perception of feeling choose you are in danger, yet how much faster and also extreme can you go without actually being open to injury?

Studies display that too much gravity deserve to have an influence on the flow of blood to our brains and eyes, but architecture checks on rollercoasters for sure this is preserved within for sure limits.

Alberto Minetti, a professor of Physiology in Milan, Italy, states that normal human being can sustain a G-force (gravitational force) that 3, return levels over that space safe, depending upon duration.

For the Formula Rossa, the G-Force - in various other words, its acceleration loved one to free-fall - is 1.7Gs.

To defend passengers' eyes, Ferrari world says the will call for passengers to wear goggles - something which Prof Minetti claims is important.

"When you are travelling at 240km/h, even dust that is not usually harmful is. Even dust like once you room sitting at your desk, it's choose a bullet in a way," the says.

He states that constant speed will not have the very same physiological impact on the body as differed movement.

"Speed isn't exciting by itself, so it's the means you acquire to that rate that's exciting. If the roller coaster is going native 0-100km/h in 2 seconds, it's the excitement," that says.

So if the high speed of Ferrari World and Kingda Ka are headline-grabbing, space the more quickly rollercoasters yes, really the best for thrill-seekers?


Andy Hine, chairperson the the Roller Coaster club of good Britain (RCCGB), says generally "speed is important however not the be-all and end-all" in rollercoaster design.

He cites Nemesis, a ride in ~ Alton Towers, where "you're only inches from rocks so you gain the impression you're going to obtain your legs ripped off".

You might stick someone on the finish of a rope and swing them round an extremely fast because that a long time, but that person could only have actually fun because that the very first 3 seconds, he says; that is the creativity in rollercoaster architecture which is key, not the height or speed.

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"A rollercoaster choreographer is an ext like a musician or conductor and also sort of leader the rider with his score, script," he says.

In his opinion, the future is something more theatrical, something the is maybe to game the mind and the body.