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john Hughes wrote and directed "Ferris Bueller's day Off." Paul Natkin/Getty pictures Hughes, the so late creator and also director the "Ferris Bueller"s work Off," was the mastermind behind well-known coming-of-age movies like "Sixteen Candles" (1984), "The Breakfast Club" (1985), and also "Pretty in Pink" (1986).

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He was likewise known because that his capability to churn out scripts at an superior speed.

In she book, "You Couldn"t ignore Me If girlfriend Tried: The Brat Pack, man Hughes, and also Their influence on a Generation," writer Susannah Gora writes that Hughes pitched the idea for "Ferris Bueller"s job Off" come Paramount images in 1985 with a single line: "Guy takes a day turn off from school."

Because the authors Guild the America was about to go on strike, Hughes automatically got come work.

Howard Deutch, the manager of Hughes" film "Some kind of Wonderful," recalled the filmmaker completing the very first 50 pages that the manuscript in one night and completing the the complying with evening.

Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey dropped in love while play on-screen siblings.


Matthew Broderick and also Jennifer Grey appeared in "Ferris Bueller's job Off." Ron Galella, Ltd./Getty photos

Broderick and Grey might have had a it s too dirty sibling rivalry in "Ferris Bueller"s job Off," however behind the scenes, the costars sparked a real-life romance.

The year after ~ the film to be released, however, the then-couple gained into a tragic car accident.

While Broderick and also Grey to be on a holidays in north Ireland, the "WarGames" actor"s rented BMW swerved right into the various other lane and also collided through a Volvo carrying two women, both the whomdied immediately.

Broderick was apparently hospitalized for four weeks as result of a broken leg and also ribs, a fell down lung, and also a concussion. Grey experienced minor injuries, consisting of several ripped ligaments in she neck that resulted in headaches and also spasms for years ~ the accident.

Broderick to be charged v careless driving and fined $175 for his duty in the crash. Year later, he agreed to satisfy with the victims" family.

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"It to be extremely challenging coming come grips through what happened, yet in time ns felt much better about that destructive experience," that told British newspaper Best, adding that "therapy helped."

Grey and also Broderick reportedly damaged up in 1988.Broderick go on to marry actress buy it Jessica Parker in 1997. Grey tied the knot to actor and also director Clark Gregg in 2001 however divorced him 20 years later.