There is right now just the 1 ferry route running in between Dominican Republic and also Puerto Rico operated by 1 ferry firm – Ferries Del Caribe. The Santo Domingo to mountain Juan ferry cross operates weekly v a scheduled sailing duration from about 13 hours.Whilst we’ve taken good care to ensure the information on this web page is correct, together the frequency and duration the crossings on every routes can vary from time come time we’d recommend that you get a live quote because that current availability on this Dominican Republic Puerto Rico crossing between Santo Domingo and San Juan.

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About Dominican Republic:

The Dominican Republic is the second largest nation in the Caribbean, sharing its island v Haiti to the west.Offering the Caribbean’s most diverse terrain, the Dominican Republic has something for everyone, indigenous thrill seekers to fun-in-the-sun lovers. Sooner or later you’ll be trekking through dense rainforest and the next you’ll be soaking increase the rays on a powdery white beach. Another one of the country’s peak attractions is the wide selection of excellent, year-round golf courses.Its boasts some exceptional accolades including the Caribbean’s highest allude and biggest lake, as well as the America’s an initial cathedral, castle and also monastery in Santo Domingo’s early american Zone, so there’s plenty come see and do in this beautiful country.The Dominican Republic’s major port deserve to be uncovered in the capital, Santo Domingo top top the south shore which is offered by a large network the roads including the DR-1 highway. The harbor is a beneficial gateway to the neighbouring island nation of Puerto Rico to the east, with constant sailings detailed each main to san Juan on the phibìc coast.

About Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico is one unincorporated region of the joined States, in the northeast corner of the Caribbean, between the Dominican Republic and the us Virgin Islands.The ‘Island of Enchantment’; steeped in swashbuckling history with dazzling shorelines and also a vibrant culture, Puerto Rico has actually a never ending selection of tourist delights.

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In true Caribbean style, it boasts brilliant beaches, suitable to pro-surfers and also family beach-lovers alike, when the rain-forested interior offers difficulties for even the hardiest that hikers. San Juan, the capital city ~ above the Atlantic coast, has actually colonial architecture in abundance, watched end by El Morro and also La Fortaleza, two substantial fortresses affording unbeatable views of the island.Ferries regularly attach the Dominican Republic and also Puerto Rico, through a few overnight sailings every week from Santo Domingo come the Puerto Rican capital, san Juan.