The anti-holiday vacation made famous on "Seinfeld" is commemorated annually top top Dec. 23 by those who want to embrace their inner "Bah Humbug" through a secular alternative to Christmas consumerism.

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In a year defined by a disastrous pandemic, a turoulend presidential election, a tide of protests over racial injustice, no to point out the loss of Jerry Stiller himself, the airing the grievances has actually never been more fitting.

Many have taken to Twitter come unload pent-up resentment, anger and frustrations, consisting of Sen. Edge Paul, who observes Festivus yearly by airing his grievances about government garbage on social media.

Jerry Seinfeld, however, is suggesting you curb your enthusiasm ~ above the "airing that grievances," simply for 2020.

Maybe simply this once, simply for this Festivus 2020, we take happen on the “Airing that Grievances”..

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— Jerry Seinfeld (
JerrySeinfeld) December 23, 2020

But what exactly is Festivus? A look in ~ its origins and also how to celebrate it:

What go Festivus mean?

Festivus is a wacky holiday popularized in a 1997 “Seinfeld” episode. Billed together “Festivus for the remainder of us,” the holiday is celebrated by the Costanza clan top top Dec. 23 together an all-inclusive, secular alternate to Christmas consumerism.

In protest the Christmas’ commercialism, George Costanza"s father, open minded Costanza, puts up an unadorned aluminum pole rather of a tree. The metal, he states admiringly, has actually a “very high strength-to-weight ratio.”

Happy Festivus, mine friends. I wish friend health, success and happiness. But...I obtained a lotta troubles with girlfriend people.