FETTY Wap lost his eye years prior to he to be busted by FBI agents top top federal medicine charges at new York City’s Citi ar stadium.

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The rapper formerly explained: “When i was little, ns had gotten into a small accident and it gave me congenital glaucoma in both of mine eyes.”

Fetty suffers indigenous a condition that affects and also damages the optic nerve because of a build-up of pressure.

The rapper, whose real name is william Junior Maxwell II, was arrested by federal agents in New York City on Thursday afternoon, the New York Post reported citing police sources.

According come Celebrity net Worth’s website, his net worth is about $1million. Fetty is expected to be arraigned on Friday morning in main Islip commonwealth Court. No additional details have actually been released yet.

Fetty Wap had been booked to carry out at the Rolling loud music festival at Citi Field before he was supposedly arrested.

The catch Queen rapper was meant to headline the Thursday show, i m sorry featured performances by 50 Cent, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Durk, and also Jack Harlow, amongst others.

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Fetty Wap, 30, was dating Turquoise Miami for about three years.

Turquoise is a model, dancer, and artist and gained popularity once she started dating Fetty.

She has a song referred to as Trap B*** which to be released in 2018.

The design was energetic on social media and also used to go by the surname of
turquoiseatl and
turquoisemiami but has due to the fact that deleted her accounts.


Fetty claimed earlier in 2020 that he is preparing because that a comeback in music, together he had actually been laying low for a couple of years.

He handle his career on Instagram after a user asked him why “he fell off” come which that said: “Bad organization managers… greed and also selfishness… yet it’s nearly over.”

“I got rid of all the goofy sh** approximately me. Currently I can focus on the music .. And also I’m goin tf up just watch.”


Just days prior to the alleged arrest, Fetty Wap mutual an inspiring photo on Twitter, seemingly as a message to himself and also his own perseverance.

He common a picture of a shirt the read, “I want to say thanks to me for believing in me.”

“Yup pretty much my life story,” he captioned the picture.

He shared the write-up days before he was arrested allegedly for federal drug charges through the FBI.

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Fetty Wap was supposed to execute at 4.45pm on Thursday and some festivalgoers complained top top Twitter the he never ever appeared.

One attendee tweeted: “No baby and no replacement? No fetty wap? no durk? No EST Gee? Tf am ns paying VIP because that this some b******?”

Another human said: “What happened to

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