Before Wilmer Valderrama was Nick Torres on CBS’ long-running NCIS, the gibbs was well-known as the lovable, adorkable, and sometimes difficult to understand Fez ~ above the sitcom That ‘70s Show. The series aired between the so late ‘90s and also mid ‘00s, a time when diversity on television was no as lot of a topic as it is today. Valderrama freshly opened up about his time top top the hit show and also what the thought about diversity if on the series.

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On That ‘70s Show, Fez is recognized as the horny foreign exchange student whose surname was as well long and also too unpronounceable, for this reason the group shortened it come Fez. He had trouble with the women at the beginning of the series but came to be a ladies’ man throughout the eighth and final season. Wilmer Valderrama was still a teenager as soon as he began on That ‘70s Show, which was his an initial big break. At the time, Valderrama no think much about diversity and also the depiction he carried to the series. The told good Housekeeping why he never thought much about diversity ~ above That ‘70s Show till later:

I was pretty naïve and innocent come the conversation around diversity, inclusion and representation. I was yes, really blessed that i was provided the possibility to be Fez on that ‘70s Show. It to be my an initial break. Those first pair of years i was treated prefer an equal. Ns was treated like an actor who was moving the funny. I felt like I was doing my part and ns was doing it v the level of integrity that just made me, as a human being, feel good. However I no really know the magnitude of what it all stood for for the Latino neighborhood until a pair of years later on when people realized ns was Latino.

Diversity on television has actually gotten far better in the years due to the fact that That "70s Show, yet that doesn’t mean it can’t improve. Wilmer Valderrama additionally said that exactly how he saw himself together an gibbs then aided him, and also posed an amazing question:

I never really observed myself together a minority. I simply saw myself together an actor in a sea of actors, and also I think that provided me the sheet in discovering that if they go it, I can do that too. Supposedly, feather at all the statistics, what ns did was nearly impossible, and also I think it is the right perspective going into things — knowing that if girlfriend prepare the same, if you gain up in the morning at an early stage like everybody else, why shouldn"t you have the exact same shot, right?

Last year, Wilmer Valderrama talked about the prominence of gift a human being of color on TV, note the duty they have actually at a time choose this. That went on come say that together a person of color, that feels it"s necessary to inspire and create one awareness of alternatives for young people, recall them about the opportunities they have actually in the world. Recently, part stars have dubbed out studios for the absence of diversity, or have also clapped ago at fans for complaining about diversity in collection or movie. Also Valderrama"s comments show the change in the conversation end time.

It simply proves that while the is 2021, we’re always going to need to work in the direction of getting much more (and better) depiction on screens. Luckily, Wilmer Valderrama has a long-standing gig top top NCIS, and also can continue to help that mission along.

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