If her idea of beauty, beauty is a Roman finish pool v a sunlight shelf, then concrete can be the best an option for you.

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Here, concrete wins hands-down. Together mentioned, concrete pools are totally customizable. You deserve to pick any type of shape, have them conform to your home and also property, include features like a spillover spa or baja shelf – you name it.

On the various other hand, fiberglass shells space pre-fabricated. That doesn’t mean that girlfriend can’t customize her fiberglass swimming pool installation, however it does limit your options. Friend can normally find any feature you desire in a fiberglass pool shell, however can you discover all the attributes you want in one pool shell? It depends on just how exacting you are.

As you can imagine, the problem of customization comes right into play most regularly when it pertains to higher-end high-end pools. The mean homeowner doesn’t need more pool configurations than what are at this time offered by big-name fiberglass pool companies. In fact, numerous appreciate having actually a limited number of alternatives because the choices can acquire overwhelming.


With concrete, the feel counts on the complete used. Plaster is the standard choice, and also tends to be on the unstable side. However, if you’re willing to pay extra, girlfriend can acquire the swimming pool finished with tile made of ceramic, stone, or glass, amongst other options. Through a large enough budget, you can basically get any kind of surface feel you like.

In contrast, fiberglass tends to be smooth to the touch. The flip side of that is that it can gain slippery, a details concern because that pool procedures where drops can happen. However, a slippery surface isn’t necessarily a cons in the swimming pool shell, yet an indication the there’s an algae problem.

So what’s the bottom line? If you desire a surface ar that’s much less slippery, that’s a allude in donate of concrete. If you desire a surface ar that’s foot-friendly, that’s a point in favor of fiberglass. And also if you have actually room in your budget plan for any type of finish friend want, it’s a finish non-issue.


Here’s one huge difference. Fiberglass pools room generally an extremely quick and easy to install. Because the covering comes prebuilt from the manufacturer, surroundings is a matter of merely dropping the shell in a hole and also connecting the pipes (okay, there’s more to it 보다 that, however not much).

Installation that a gunite swimming pool is much an ext complicated, as all the occupational is excellent onsite. Whereas a fiberglass pool deserve to be set up in a matter of days, concrete pools typically take weeks or also months. And of course, with longer time windows, there’s more potential because that delays as result of weather, scheduling snafus, etc.

All in all, lull of installation is a suggest in donate of fiberglass pools. Save in mind, however, the a swimming swimming pool is a long-term investment. Down the road, are you really going come lament the your backyard was torn up for a pair of extra weeks?

If friend don’t choose the idea of her backyard turning into a building zone for an extended period, climate you could prefer fiberglass end concrete.


Fiberglass and gunite pools are both much more durable 보다 vinyl and also can last because that decades. Precisely which kind of swimming pool is an ext durable is a matter of debate, though.

Some would say the you can’t win concrete for durability. Rather – particularly those in the fiberglass pool industry – point out the a gunite pool will require a significant renovation at part point, while fiberglass is nearly impervious to regular wear and tear.

top top the various other hand, fiberglass pool shells deserve to crack as result of earth shifting, specifically if you drain the pool. There are likewise reports of fiberglass pools popping the end of the ground. Many pool shells incorporate a permanent (perhaps even lifetime) warranty, yet it may not sheathe everything.

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The Verdict?

As you have the right to see, there’s no consensus winner in the debate in between fiberglass vs concrete inground pools. Concrete pools are more than likely the most popular, yet fiberglass pools seem come be obtaining on lock year by year.

Regardless of which girlfriend choose, you’ll want to discover a swimming pool builder with suffer installing that type of pool – in fact, plenty of specialize in only one or the other. Asking for instances of their work, and also note what kind of swimming pool they seem to be most adept at installing. Bottom line, if you have actually an knowledgeable pool contractor on her side, girlfriend can’t yes, really go wrong through either choice.