On Wednesday, January 8, 2020, the Duke and Duchess that Sussex, a.k.a. Prince Harry and also Meghan Markle, surprised the world with an official announcement that they "intend to step back as "senior" members the the royal Family, and work to become financially independent, while proceeding to totally support she Majesty The Queen." 

While Buckingham Palace processes the news, many human being are questioning the question: What go this typical for the line of succession to the brother throne? The prize is quite simple: Nothing. Harry will preserve his present position, i beg your pardon is 6th in line to the throne.

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Though Queen Elizabeth II shows no indications of slowing down, below are the royals who might one day take it her ar on the throne—in one very specific order.

1. Prince Charles


As a direct an outcome of his mother being the world"s longest-reigning monarch, Prince Charles—the eldest kid of Queen Elizabeth II and also Prince Philip—is the longest offer heir to the throne; he became heir noticeable in 1952, as soon as his mom ascended to the throne.

2. Prince William


At 37 year old, odds are good that Prince William, fight it out of Cambridge—the eldest boy of Prince Charles and also the so late Princess Diana—will ascend to the throne in ~ some allude in his lifetime.

3. Prince George


On July 22, 2013, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess that Cambridge welcomed their an initial child, Prince George that Cambridge, who jumped the heat to action ahead the his uncle, Prince Harry, come become 3rd in the line of succession.



On may 2, 2015, William and also Catherine added another member to their farming brood: a daughter, Princess Charlotte the Cambridge. Though Charlotte has a younger brothers (more on the in simply a minute), she will preserve the fourth-in-line position because of the succession to the Crown act 2013, which go into effect just a couple of weeks before her arrival, and also removed a long-held dominion which declared that any type of male sibling (regardless of bear order) would immediately move ahead of his enlarge sisters.

5. Prince Louis


On April 23, 2018, the Duke and also Duchess of Cambridge invited their 3rd child—Louis Arthur Charles, a.k.a. His imperial Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge—who propelled his uncle, Prince Harry, out of the 5th position in heat to the throne.

6. Prince Harry

As the second-born son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Prince Harry"s location in the line is a regularly an altering one. It last readjusted in April 2018, once his brothers William"s third child arrived, and also could adjust again if and when William and Kate broaden their family. And also while the Duke and also Duchess that Sussex have determined to action away from royal life, his position will remain the same.

7. Archie Mountbatten-Windsor

Though the Duke and Duchess the Sussex didn"t give their child a title, Archie has actually still moved Prince Andrew, fight it out of York, one action farther away from the throne.

8. Prince Andrew, fight it out of York

Prince Andrew is a perfect instance of life prior to the succession to the Crown action 2013: Though he is the second-born boy of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, he’s actually their 3rd child (Princess anne came in between him and Prince Charles). But due to the fact that the rules gave preference to males, Prince Andrew would inherit the throne prior to his older sister.

9. Princess Beatrice the York

Because Prince Andrew and also his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess that York, had two daughters and no sons, nobody of the male-preference primogeniture stuff mattered in regards to their placement. But with each son her cousins Prince William and Harry have, Princess Beatrice move farther far from the throne.

10. Princess Eugenie the York

Though she"s frequently seen at imperial events, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s youngest daughter security the mass of her time indulging her attention in fine art. She has held several jobs in the arts world, and is currently a director in ~ Hauser & Wirth"s London gallery. Top top October 12, 2018, Princess Eugenie had her very own royal wedding once she married wine seller Jack Brooksbank in ~ St. George"s Chapel in ~ Windsor Castle.

11. Prince Edward, Earl the Wessex

Like his older brothers Andrew, Prince Edward—the youngest boy of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip—jumps the heat ahead that his enlarge sister, Princess Anne, since of the old preeminence that put males front of females.

12. James, Viscount Severn

James, Viscount Severn—the younger of Prince Edward, Earl the Wessex and Sophie, Countess of Wessex"s two children, and also their only son—turned 12 years old ~ above December 17, 2019.

13. Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor

Because the sequence to the Crown plot 2013 no enacted until 2015, Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor—the larger of Prince Edward’s 2 children—will always be just behind her brother in the line of succession.

14. Anne, Princess Royal

Princess Anne, the Queen and Prince Philip’s second-born child and only daughter, may never preeminence over the throne in she lifetime, yet at the very least she it s okay to be referred to as the "Princess Royal.”

15. Peter Phillips

The eldest child and also only boy of Princess Anne and her very first husband, Captain mark Phillips, stands just behind his mom in line. Interesting fact: had Phillips’s wife, autumn Kelly, not converted from roman inn Catholicism to the Church the England prior to their marriage in 2008, Peter would have lost his ar in line.

16. Savannah Phillips

On December 29, 2010, Peter and Autumn Phillips commemorated the birth of their an initial child, Savannah ann Kathleen Phillips, who is additionally the Queen’s first great-grandchild. She’s right now 16th in line.

17. Isla Phillips

Less than two years after Savannah, Peter and Autumn Phillips had actually a second daughter, Isla, that stands simply behind her sister in line. The wasn’t till 2017 that Savannah and also Isla made your Buckingham palace balcony debuts (in honor of their great-grandmother’s 91st birthday).

18. Zara Tindall

Not one to hide in the background, Zara Tindall—Princess Anne’s second child and also only daughter—has lived much of her life in the spotlight. A celebrated equestrian, she won the Eventing civilization Championship in Aachen in 2006 and also was poll BBC sporting activities Personality the the Year the exact same year (her mommy earned the very same title in 1971). She’s also Prince George’s godmother.

19. Mia Tindall

Zara Tindall’s daughter Mia may just be pull close her sixth birthday, yet she’s currently regularly do headlines for her outgoing personality. And though she’s only 19th in heat to the throne, her link to the tippity top of the royal family members is lot closer: Prince william is her godfather.

20. Lena Tindall

On June 18, 2018, Mike and Zara Tindall invited their 2nd child, one more daughter: Lena Elizabeth Tindall. (Prince bother is her godfather.)

21. David Armstrong-Jones, second Earl the Snowdon

David Armstrong-Jones, the eldest child of Princess Margaret, isn’t waiting approximately to watch if the brother crown ever lands on his head. The 58-year-old, who goes by David Linley in his expert life, has actually made a name for himself together a talented furniture-maker. His bespoke pieces, offered under the brand name Linley, have the right to be purchased through his own boutiques as well as at Harrods.

22. Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley

David Armstrong-Jones’s only son, Charles, may be 22nd in line to the throne, but the 20-year-old is the heir apparent to the Earldom that Snowdon.

23. Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones

Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones, the youngest son of David Armstrong-Jones and also his just daughter, is also the just granddaughter the Princess Margaret. Currently a teens (she is 17 year old), Lady Margarita make headlines around the civilization in 2011 once she served as a flower girl in ~ the wedding the Prince William and also Catherine Middleton.

24. Lady buy it Chatto

Lady buy it Chatto, Princess Margaret and also Anthony Armstrong-Jones’s just daughter, is the youngest grandchildren of King George VI and also Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. In enhancement to serving as a bridesmaid come Princess Diana, she is Prince harry’s godmother.

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25. Samuel Chatto

Samuel Chatto—the firstborn kid of Lady buy it Chatto and her husband, Daniel—has a long method to walk to with the throne: The 23-year-old is right now 25th in line.