It"s the time, Ladies and also Gentlemen. The last E.L. James book, Fifty Shades Freed, has been turned right into a movie and that movie hit Blu-ray and also DVD this week. As component of the final home to chat set, popular author E.L. James had a conversation with Eric Johnson about the third and final movie in the trilogy, as well as some stuff related to the books. That course, Johnson had actually to ask if there to be anything else coming, and also E.L. James obliged. She said, in fact, that she does have an idea for a fourth book, note as component of the Blu-ray release,

I have an idea for the fourth book, yet I can"t tell girlfriend anything around that without yes, really spoiling it. So, if I ever do it, yeah, I"ve got the first line.

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Sadly, even Eric Johnson, who plays Jack Hyde in the popular movie series, could not get a peep out of E.L. James about what a fourth publication might be about. However, simply the reality that the writer is plan a fourth publication could mean large things for both the literary and large screen worlds. Previously, James had proclaimed "there"s a chance" fans could see a fourth book, however the fact that she has thought about it sufficient to have actually an idea and also even the an initial line in she head is huge news.

So, if you"ve seen Fifty Shades Freed, you currently know that the movie end on a keep in mind wrapping up the story for fans. We acquire to see Anastasia Steele take charge and also invite Jamie right into the Red Room. We likewise get a highlight reel that the couple"s biggest moments native the various other movies. Finally, we see that Ana and Christian have actually a young boy called Teddy, and also are around to have actually their 2nd child, a daughter whom they wish to speak to Phoebe. Things seem to be going well. However, when talking around a potential fourth book, E.L. James admits that possibly the happy finishing won"t last forever for Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. The writer said,

They"ll it is in happy for a while, absolutely, it"s no interesting. Who wants to watch that? girlfriend need bad guys, you require issues, you need all kinds of things, since otherwise it"s a bit yawny, isn"t it?

If a fourth movie does ever come together, that may have to come with new, enlarge actors. A couple of months ago, collection lead Jamie Dornan to be asked around the possibility of future movie in the Fifty Shades franchise. He declared there to be no more books, however even if over there was one more book, he felt he and also Dakota Johnson were aging out, and "getting also old," to store playing the roles.

If and also when a fourth book happens, it seems an extremely likely global would desire to make one more movie, however that mostly would depend on timeline, budget and actor availability. Uneven Ana and Christian to be grey-haired and had to be together many years, in which instance recasting can be the right route. We"ll store you post if an additional book and/ or movie happens, and also in the meantime, we"ll brainstorm what that very first line might be. Oh, and also of course, you deserve to relive the romantic saga through Fifty Shades Freed, easily accessible on Blu-ray, here.

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