Chloe Bennet is a star who has actually taken her platform seriously. From her portrayal that Daisy Johnson to her activism fighting for oriental American representation, she’s a star who offers her skills to the betterment that mankind – much like Daisy Johnson herself. She and her costar Natalia Cordova take it their duty inspiring young girls and also young women throughout the internet very seriously. Maintaining up through that tradition, Chloe Bennet has actually launched not one however 2 campaigns to advantage charitable causes.

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In her very first “Fight prefer a Girl” campaign, Chloe Bennet donated 100% of the proceeds to Haitian relief efforts. If this project has closed, she’s introduced a second campaign with a personally designed T-shirt featuring her autograph because that those who didn’t get in top top the first campaign.


According to her interview with, “Fight favor a girl to be the most evident tag line to use for this campaign, i think fighting like a girl is the absolute way to go.”she go on to explain how the T-shirt sales would certainly work.

 All of the profits from these t-shirts and sweatshirts go to a charity called ar Empowerment and that charity happens to have been started by mine mother. Because I was 13 I’ve checked out her Fight choose a Girl and also in turn, it’s saved thousands of people’s lives. Ns am so proud to change what Fight favor a Girl way to civilization in culture and all about the world because it’s pretty bad ass.”

The shirts sleeve for 24.99 and come in many sizes. If you’re in search of a good shirt, a great gift to provide to solid women in your life, or a great gift the supports an unbelievable reason be sure to inspect out her new campaign! The first campaign offered out conveniently so be certain to choose up your “Fight choose A Girl” shirt prior to it’s gone. Will Chloe Bennet beginning a 3rd campaign? We deserve to only hope.

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While we’re at it, take a browse around The whole site is inhabited by actors who architecture their own shirts to generate donations for charitable causes. From shirts by the children from Stranger Things to our own lovely Chloe, It’s a website I’m sure glad i discovered.

Don’t forget to assemble SHIELD agents, and aid Chloe Bennet be a genuine superhero today. Don’t forget come share her photos v Chloe and with us on twitter as well! We desire to check out you Fight prefer A Girl!