The Fighter & The son is a weekly podcast organized by comedian and also former skilled UFC fighter Brendan Schaub.Each week, Brendan is joined in the studio with a guest co host. TFATK is uncut and unedited, and also sometimes it's simply ridiculous.

Bryan plan vengeance for his turtle's killer and the men talk prison sex, weed brownie experiences, updates on Bry's NFT purchases, Brendan's mountain lion scare, the Jon Gruden controversy, weight lifting pets peeves, Tim McGraw jumping off stage to confront booing fans and much more!See for privacy information.

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Bryan faces the ns of his beloved turtle and the guys talk Paulie Shore, Brendan's present in Vegas, crypto currency and Bryan buying Brendan NFT's, Tyson fury vs Deontay Wilder, The rock saying the isn't ~ above steroids, a 69 year old mrs killing it on OnlyFans, an additional Bryan lookalike and much more!See for privacy information.

The guys are earlier to talk about beef through an unnamed journalist, and talk Brendan obtaining arm ban by Kron Gracie and sparring with Tyrone Spong, Bryan's impressive back kick, world trying to acquire Dave Chappelle traction from Netflix, a man suing a psychic for no lifting a love curse, Brendan and also Bryan's arrangement to begin an OnlyFans for Bryan's 3 piece set and lot more!See for privacy information.

The guys watch chris D'Elia's latest video, reminisce on your friendship and talk finest LA restaurants, Tyson rage vs Deontay Wilder, UFC 268, Bryan and also Brendan's $2,000 dollar gambling on Petr Yan vs Cory Sandhagen, Stevie Blue Eyes turning down a gig v Brendan since of his puppy and also Dave Chappelle's brand-new comedy special. Also, the guys obtain into one more scrap and much more!See for privacy information.

The males talk Brendan's emotional go back to Denver and a Russian street fighting story Joel Klatt revealed about Brendan, Shapel talk smack around the CU chearleading squad, Bryan's obsession with Netflix's The squid Game and much more!See for privacy information.

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Brendan tries to recruitment meatball and also Chin right into Wimps come Warriors and also the men talk Netflix's The squid Game, the ugly brand-new details on Jon Jones' arrest, Ashlee Simpson lip syncing on SNL, Jada Pinkett Smith's steel band, yoga mrs boiling bear urine and beginning a wildfire, river rescue stories and much more!See because that privacy information.