When most human being fight v their family, they execute it with words. When the Bevis household fights, they carry out it through steel chairs.

Depending on exactly how generous you want to be, their family members dynamic is either distinct or alarming. One of two people way, it makes for a great movie—namely, Fighting v My Family, the brand-new wrestling flick from manager Stephen seller and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson"s production company, seven Bucks.

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The movie puts the real-life Bevis clan"s loving pugilism ~ above screen, casting Nick Frost together patriarch Patrick "Rowdy rick Knight" Bevis; Lena Headey as Julia "Sweet Saraya" Bevis; Jack Lowden together Zak "Zodiac" Bevis; and also Florence Pugh together Saraya "Paige" Bevis, two-time WWE Divas champion, general manager because that WWE"s SmackDown, and the very first Women"s Champion in NXT, the WWE"s farm program, whereby young talent is nurtured with a regimen of bruising and also beatings.

Merchant sticks closely to Paige"s true story, fudging the truth only as soon as he must to do his stare work. She biography is fascinating enough without lot need because that embellishment.


Yes, Paige really came from a wrestling family.

Paige’s journey started in Norwich, a historical city in Norfolk county, resolved along England’s east shorelines; she father, Patrick, and her mother, Julia, married in 1990, the very same decade castle both began their wrestles careers and formed their very own promotion, the civilization Association that Wrestling, best at house in Norwich.

There, Paige made her debut together Britani Knight—not quite her A Star is Born moment, however a very first step toward coming to be the surname she is today. The was 2005. Paige to be born in 1992. That method Paige began kicking people’s asses her as a teenager, and then spent 6 years wrestling throughout Britain and also Europe, throwing down in Scotland, Wales, Germany, France, and Belgium, winning location belts and building a call for herself follow me the way. Her achievements impress on your own, but doubly for this reason on account of her age.


Fighting v My Family focuses an ext on Paige"s WWE career.

Fighting through My Family spends most of that is time ~ above Paige"s relationship with the WWE beginning in 2011, when a tryout for a talent scout brought about her signing v the firm in September of the year.

The actual Paige checked out Florida Championship Wrestling, the WWE’s farm routine at the time prior to rebranding FCW as NXT in 2012. That’s where seller spends most of his time with Pugh and also co-star Vince Vaughn, play Paige’s NXT coach, us Morgan. Hutch is Paige"s foil, the failure wrestler turned trainer for stars with brighter futures; he’s likewise made up, a personality borrowing bits and also pieces from present NXT trainer Matt Bloom and ex-NXT trainer invoice DeMott.

Though various reviews have made the link between Hutch and DeMott, the personality doesn"t officially stand for the trainer—and for great reason. Former WWE wrestlers have actually accused DeMott of every sorts of psychic behavior, including physical and also emotional abuse. The WWE didn"t fire him; he resigned while denying allegations against him, including those made by Paige herself.

DeMott"s very own wrestling job is a rollercoaster, but his time ran the end in 2015. Paige Bevis, meanwhile, has continued making tide in the WWE, both for better and for worse, consisting of latter day woes that peak out in ~ the criminal dissemination of sex tapes through malicious hackers—a horrific two-pronged source of stress and anxiety that weighed her under so lot she ended up being hospitalized. Nobody of the happens in Fighting v My Family, which end in 2014.


What else from Paige"s life never made it right into the movie?

Merchant warehouses Paige"s job in the framework of the inspiring sports film, breezing past the details NXT Women"s Champion run and condensing her win over Divas Champion AJ Lee (played by Zelina Vega) on her 2014 Raw debut; the NXT Women"s Champion title isn"t also mentioned, offering the impression that Paige, on her first Raw appearance, won the Divas Championship together a total unknown.

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But Paige had a adhering to in 2014; the WWE, after ~ all, is too shrewd to hand over significant titles come rookies. Seller just happens to be equally together shrewd. The knows that Fighting through My Family works far better through dramatization, and that an excellent drama requirements a higher underdog. Pugh"s winning blend of insouciance and poise—key come her job-related in movies choose Lady Macbeth—emphasizes that underdog element, making her a young aspirant who"s basic to root for. There"s urgency come her performance that"s mellowed the end by Vaughn"s outlet world-weariness. Together, they make Merchant"s fictions an ext exciting than the truth. For a movie about wrestling, fake and yet at times much more honest than the real world, the couldn"t be much more fitting.

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