Gabriella Papadakis endured a wardrobe malfunction, as soon as the clasp holding her green-and-gold sequined dress together came undone throughout her performance.

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Gabriella Papadakis and partner Guillaume Cizeron in ~ the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. (Photo: Reuters)


Gabriella Papadakis claimed that the wardrobe failure was she worst nightmare.Gabriella Papadakis and also partner Cizeron controlled to finish their routine.South korean ice dancers Min Yura and also Alexander Gamelin had actually a similar mishap 10 days ago.
Gabriella Papadakis was the recent victim that wardrobe breakdown at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter games on Monday.

The French ice dancer"s costume in ~ the start of her Olympic quick dance programme endangered to lug the totality thing down.

As Papadakis and also partner Guillaume Cizeron started their scorching Latin regimen to Ed Sheeran music, the clasp holding she green-and-gold sequined dress with each other came undone.

(South Korean figure skater undaunted by wardrobe failure on Olympic debut)

"My worst nightmare occurred at the Olympics, i felt it ideal away and I prayed, it was every I can do," Papadakis said reporters.

Though the two regulated to finish their routine, it was evident that Papadakis to be struggling to keep her dress up, when Cizeron also did his ideal to ensure that did no slip further.

"It was difficult to stay concentrated after the wardrobe malfunction we suffered," Cizeron tweeted, despite they still controlled to finish their programme less than 2 points behind leader Tessa Virtue and also Scott Moir the Canada.

Fellow skaters automatically chimed in through sympathy.

"Devastating.... A costume break down can be such a disturbance mentally," Meagan Duhamel, who with pairs companion Eric Radford took bronze in ~ Pyeongchang and also won yellow in the team event. "I"m sad because that them that this happened at this moment."

The French skaters, however, were not alone.

South oriental ice dancers Min Yura and Alexander Gamelin had actually a similar mishap 10 days ago when the height of Min"s costume come unhooked.

"In the very first 20-30 seconds, this hook come undone," Min claimed after the short dance on Monday, pointing at the optimal of she flaming scarlet costume.

"It was falling off. The only thing the was holding it up was maintaining my arms above here," she said, gesturing to her shoulders.

"Alex was trying to hold it increase as lot as he can while us were doing our transitions and also everything, but the group knew what to be happening and they kept screaming and supporting us.

"I was reasoning of stopping the programme but the crowd to be so amazing I simply kept going."

On Monday, she was acquisition no chances.

"I"m all sewed in," she said.

"I"ve gone through here and re-sewn everything.

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(With inputs native Reuters)

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