Poseidon Undersea will is the world"s first underwater hotel, i beg your pardon is expected to be built in a lagoon near a personal island named Poseidon secret in Fiji. The hotel will certainly be situated 40ft underwater and spread across an area the 5,000 acre (2,023ha). It will include 51 suites and villas, restaurants, a fitness centre, a spa and other facilities.

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Poseidon Undersea resort is the world’s first underwater hotel, i beg your pardon is intended to be built in a lagoon close to a personal island called Poseidon an enig in Fiji. The hotel will be situated 40ft underwater and also spread throughout an area of 5,000 acres (2,023ha). The will include 51 suites and also villas, restaurants, a fitness centre, a spa and also other facilities. The hotel is being emerged by Poseidon Undersea Resorts. The was originally scheduled to open up in 2008, however has to be delayed. Final design and also structural engineering of the undersea hotel to be completed in December 2012.

The building and construction of the hotel is expected to take two years for its completion. The projected price of house at the resort is $30,000 every week.

Poseidon Undersea resort design

"The hotel is being emerged by Poseidon Undersea Resorts."

The resort will incorporate undersea suites and island villas. The undersea suites, making up of 24 suites and also one apartment, will be situated 40ft below the water’s surface. The suites will certainly be linked to land v two piers. A specially draft elevator will move the guests to the suites.

The suites are designed together individual modules measuring 33ft x 17ft with a floor an are of 550ft². The suite rooms will certainly be constructed with 4 inch-thick transparent acrylic plastic and covered by one inch-thick steel wall structures. Practically 70% that the suites’ surface locations are transparent, offering spectacular views of the undersea ocean.

The undersea resort will certainly be kept at one-atmosphere, which means that the interiors space at surface ar pressure, i m sorry will defend guests indigenous the physiological effects of hydrostatic pressure. Every the units of the resort will be detachable, other than the central corridor the the undersea structure. Automatic view-port cleaning solution will remove dirt and also plant growth on the transparent surface ar of the undersea suites.

The resort’s 24 beachfront island villas will be built on the Poseidon mystery Island. The villas will certainly be spread across 1,500ft².

Construction of the underwater hotel

The steel contents of the undersea suites will certainly be fabricated in ~ a facility located on the Fijian west coast. The inner hallway sections and also end systems will be fabricated at a shipyard, also located top top the Fijian west coast. All materials will it is in transported to the shipyard where they will be assembled.

The interior components of the resort will be preassembled, tested and then disassembled. They will be packed in containers and transported come the shipyard because that assembling. The completed undersea suites will certainly be immersion tested and also transported to the Poseidon an enig Island.

Upon arrival, the entire undersea structure will it is in towed in place and installed ~ above pre-driven piles. The structure will then be ballasted to slightly an adverse buoyancy and placed in position on the seafloor. Umbilicals for fresh water, electricity and ventilation will be linked to the elevator entrances. The resort will certainly be operational within 48 hours of installation.

Facilities at the Fijian undersea resort

The resort will incorporate a full service spa giving a selection of treatments. The undersea ar of the resort will encompass two treatment rooms. The resort will incorporate one underwater well dining restaurant and also one bistro top top the island. A lounge and bar will additionally be component of the resort.

"The undersea suites, making up of 24 suites and one apartment, will be located 40ft below the water’s surface."

The fitness centre at the resort will include treadmills, stairmasters, totally free weights and also other fitness equipment. A library special a selection of books will also component of the resort.

The resort has a conference room, which deserve to serve together a wedding chapel and also theatre. A boutique had in the will will market handmade items, spa products, practice jewellery and also other deluxe products.

A selection of sporting infrastructure will be obtainable at the resort, consisting of golf, tennis courts, beach volleyball, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, cavern exploration and bike riding. The will will likewise offer submarine piloting, deep reef excursions and scuba diving.

Each ingredient of the undersea structure will be detachable and also include a safety and security dome. Trained divers will assist guests in the occasion of one emergency. Rescue procedures will additionally be prove by divers come the guests.

U.S. Submarine design was responsible for developing the hotel. U.S. Submarine Fabrication will develop the hotel through the assist of subcontractors.

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