PORTLAND, Ore. (priziv.org) – The Portland Police bureau announced on Monday the over the weekend 16 shootings to be reported.

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On September 24, in ~ 1:56 a.m., policemans were dispatched to a report of a shoot in the 500 block that Northwest 21st Avenue. When they come they learned 3 men had actually been shot. One passed away at the scene, one was transported through ambulance, and the various other drove in a private car to a hospital.


PORTLAND, Ore. (priziv.org) - Police have established the man killed in a shoot in northwest Portland at an early stage Friday morning, follow to police.

On September 25, at 6:50 a.m., policemans were dispatched come the area of north Sacramento Street and also North Williams path on the report that a shooting. A man associated to the event was later admitted to a regional hospital through a non-life threaten gunshot wound. (Case #21-267694)

At 5:20 p.m., officers were sent to a shooting that took ar at the intersection of Northeast Fremont Street and also Northeast young name Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Officers found a juvenile shooting victim and also immediately administered emergency first-aid. The juvenile was conscious and also breathing at the time of deliver to a neighborhood hospital. (Case #21-269152)

On September 26, in ~ 2:03 a.m., policemans were dispatched come the 1400 Block of Northeast Broadway top top reports of lot of shots fired. 3 adult victims, 2 women and 1 man, were found and officers used a tourniquet to among the victims. Lock were every transported come area hospitals through non-life threaten injuries. (Case #21-268543)

At 8:28 p.m., officers were sent out to a local hospital after a masculine shooting victim was admitted v non-life threatening injuries. The shoot is thought to have occurred in the 6200 Block of south east Foster Street. (Case #21-269295)

At 11:12 p.m., police officers responded come the 12100 Block the Southeast young name Luther King Jr Boulevard top top the reports that a shooting. They situated an adult male suffering from a non-life threatening injury. He to be transported to a neighborhood hospital for treatment. (Case #21-269430)

Witnesses or people with details are encouraged to email crimetips
portlandoregon.gov and also reference the corresponding situation number.

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Anonymous tips deserve to be sent through Crime Stoppers the Oregon that provides cash rewards of as much as $2,500 cash because that information, report to Crime Stoppers, the leads come an arrest in any type of unsolved felony crime and.