please visit our affix with Us web page to discover out who to speak v to get aid at your school or district, and important contacts in ~ DOE.

Parents have actually the appropriate to document complaints about matters influence a child’s education. If girlfriend cannot fix the issue at your college or district, you can document an very nice one or complain pursuant come the Chancellor’s Regulations set forth below. For problems that room not handle in the Chancellor’s regulations below, such as complaints around language access services, you deserve to call:

718-935-2200 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.)311 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and also let the operator know you have an education-related issue.212-504-4115 for TTY ServicesOver-the-phone translate is available in more than 200 languages.

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Chancellor’s regulation contain certain complaint and also appeal actions for a variety of concerns and also issues. Web links to this regulations room at the bottom that the page. You can also get duplicates from her child’s school.

Report a Complaint

Report corporal punishment or linguistic abuse (Chancellor"s Regulation A-420, A-421)

Call (718) 935-3800Notify the principal

Report college student to college student discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying (Chancellor"s regulation A-832)

Call: 718-935-2288

Report complaints regarding the referral, evaluation, development and/or implementation that 504 to plan (Chancellor"s Regulation A-710)

Report complaints of differentiate or harassment through DOE employee (Chancellor’s Regulation A-830)

Call 718-935-3320Mail a complain to or Visit the OEO office at 65 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Report student-to-student sexual harassment (Chancellor’s Regulation A-831)

Contact: the principal, the sex-related Harassment prevention Liaison or any kind of staff member at her school.

Report complaints of pregnancy-based discrimination or harassment by a DOE employee (Chancellor’s Regulation A-740)

Call 718-935-3320Mail a complain to or visit the OEO office in ~ 65 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Report complaints concerning the choice and appointment process for principals and assistant principals (Chancellor"s Regulation C-30)

Submit an Appeal

Appeal a carry to another school based on investigation the residency (Chancellor"s Regulation A-101)Appeal a principal’s or superintendent’s suspension (Chancellor"s Regulation A-443)Appeal one involuntary carry (Chancellor"s Regulation A-450)Appeal a advancement decision (Chancellor"s Regulation A-501)Appeal a refusal of exemptions indigenous immunizations (Chancellor"s Regulation A-701)Appeal placement of homeless college student or students in temporary housing (Chancellor"s Regulation A-780)Appeal eligibility for transport (Chancellor"s Regulation A-801)Appeal the non-approval of eligibility for cost-free or reduced-price meals (Chancellor’s Regulation A-810)Request to amend a child’s education and learning records and appeal denials of such requests (Chancellor"s Regulation A-820)Appeal denial of access to a publicly record kept by the DOE in accordance through the freedom of info Law (Chancellor"s Regulation D-110)Appeal an authorized proposal to find or co-locate a charter college in a windy school building (Chancellor’s Regulation A-190)

PA/PTA, SLT, CEC Complaints and also Appeals

Appeal a zoning heat decision (for parental associations or parent-teacher associations) (Chancellor’s Regulation A-185)File complaints concerning the elections to School management Teams, and also appeal decisions concerning such complaints (Chancellor"s Regulation A-655)Appeal removals indigenous School management Teams for violation of ethics code (Chancellor’s Regulation D-120)File choice grievances concerning Parent Association and also Presidents’ Councils elections, and also appeal election grievance decision (Chancellor’s Regulation A-660)Report complaints concerning Parent Association and also Presidents’ Councils disputes, actions and inactions (Chancellor"s Regulation A-660)Report complaints concerning nomination and an option of members of ar Education Councils (Chancellor"s Regulation D-140)Report complaints regarding nomination and selection of members that the Citywide the supervisory board on unique Education and also the Citywide district 75 the supervisory board (Chancellor"s Regulation D-150)Report complaints about nomination and choice of members of the Citywide board of directors on High colleges (Chancellor"s Regulation D-160)Report complaints regarding nomination and selection of members that the Citywide board of directors on English Language learner (Chancellor"s Regulation D-170)

New York State Appeals

You might appeal a decision through the brand-new York City department of education to the Commissioner the the brand-new York State education Department under the steps laid the end in brand-new York education and learning Law § 310.

Please refer to theNY State education Department’s complaint and also appeal measures for solving complaints or reviewing appeals from decision of the brand-new York City room of Education regarding Title I.

Special Commissioner of examination (SCI)

The office of the one-of-a-kind Commissioner of investigation for the new York City institution District (SCI) was produced to command investigations and also oversight the the largest public school district in the unified States. SCI is elevation of the department of Education, and has broad authority to command investigations, reviews, and audits v the goal of rooting out corruption, staying clear of waste and also fraud, and identifying and also eliminating the misuse that City resources.

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The SCI commissioner additionally serves together the inspector basic for the teacher Retirement System and also the plank of education Retirement System, and the office serves together the investigative eight of the brand-new York City disputes of attention Board concerning violations of chapter 68 the the City Charter by DOE employees.