Electoral university 02:25 In the weeks due to the fact that Election Day, there’s been a the majority of attention payment to the well-known vote: despite Democrat Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral college to President-elect Donald Trump, she winner the national renowned vote by end 2.5 million votes.

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For countless Clinton supporters, this felt like a repeat of the 2000 election -- when Democrat Al Gore winner the well-known vote, however ultimately lost the presidency to George W. Bush due to the fact that Bush won the Electoral College.

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It is true that several million an ext people voted because that Clinton than voted because that Trump. Yet a look at the map mirrors that it’s additionally true the Mr. Trump won 30 states, contrasted with Clinton’s 20, a replay that 2000, once Bush also won 30 states compared to Gore’s 20 states.

How precisely did the happen, and also what execute the numbers say about where those votes come from?

Looking at the poll totals in every state helps define it: Clinton’s entire popular poll margin, because that example, is less than her in its entirety margin of success in California (which she winner by an ext than 4 million votes). New York, too, is a populous state that delivered Clinton 1.7 million much more votes than Trump but couldn’t aid her get rid of the Electoral university deficit.

In the case of the 2000 election, both the Electoral College and popular poll counts were much closer 보다 this year’s race. Shrub narrowly won with 271 electoral votes, contrasted to Gore’s 266, with a single elector abstaining in the official tally. This was since ultimately, Gore won says (that Clinton lost) with greater electoral vote counts at the time, favor Pennsylvania (23 electors), Michigan (18), and Wisconsin (10). The claims Clinton won that Gore lost were new Hampshire (4), Virginia (13), and also Colorado (8).

Ultimately, Gore shed after recount initiatives in Florida and a can be fried Court decision gave the state’s 25 electors come Bush. In total, Gore winner the famous vote by simply over 540,000 ballots.

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Because the these two recent examples where the Electoral university outcome defied famous opinion, part clamored because that its abolishment ~ Nov. 8, protesting the the college had actually outlived that is usefulness. A CBS News poll last week verified Americans favor amending the structure to selected the president by popular vote, 54 come 41 percent.

President Obama, throughout his final press conference the the year, sweet in during his yearend news conference Friday. The Electoral College, that acknowledged, was a “vestige” indigenous a time and a mechanism that “put a lot of premium top top states.”

“There room some frameworks in our political system as envisioned by the co-founder that occasionally are going to disadvantage Democrats,” Mr. Obama said. But he warned against blaming the device itself because that the Democrats’ loss, noting that “if we have actually a solid message, if we’re speak to what the American people care about, generally the famous vote and also the Electoral university vote will align.”

The Electoral college votes Monday. Simply as electors actors their ballots, here’s a look in ~ the popular vote count from each state, based on the most updated results in each state compiled by CBS News: