Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, the first free-to-play video game in the Final Fantasy franchise come be developed from the floor up because that mobile devices, finished a rather unexpected promo last week. Famous singer and also actress, Ariana Grande to be featured together a playable character named “Dangerous Ariana.” The character might be added to players’ rosters by perfect the “Dangerous mrs Tour” stage during the limited-time event. The promotion also featured a remixed variation of Grande’s 2016 struggle song, “Touch It.

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” The song, which was magnified with a Final Fantasystyle, played in the game’s background throughout the event.

The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius global version producer, Hiroki Fujimoto, talked with listdaily about how the partnership v the famous artist came together and how Grande is currently an official part of the comprehensive universe.

Hiroki Fujimoto, last Fantasy Brave Exvius worldwide version producer

How did Square Enix come to collaborate through Ariana Grande?

Historically, the Final Fantasy series has collaborated with a number of talented artist in various ways, including the production of theme songs. Ariana Grande is very talented and popular artist v a strong an international following, and also Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) decided come collaborate through her in an effort to both enrich and include depth to the game’s universe. Furthermore, FFBE is a video game that everyone can conveniently pick up due to the fact that it is free-to-play and for mobile devices. We would certainly be extremely happy if this collaboration with Ariana, that is known worldwide, urges those who have actually never play Final Fantasy to acquire to recognize FFBE.

How does Grande’s brand to the right in with Brave Exvius’s look and also feel?

We arranged her song “Touch It” for this reason it would fit within the FFBE universe, and also recorded the track v a complete orchestra to create “Touch ItFinal Fantasy Brave Exvius Remix“. The track plays together the fight theme of each of the stages because that the in-game Ariana Grande event. Her powerful vocals administer a dramatic facet that enliven the battles throughout the event. Furthermore, our brand-new endeavor to incorporate her unique pixel personality in-game is really much in line through the Final Fantasy soul of constantly taking on brand-new challenges.

What can Grande’s character execute in the game?

Ariana is stood for in-game as a pixel character. Anyone could attain her personality by playing the “Dangerous mrs Tour” event. Thereafter, players can adventure through her by consisting of her in their very own party. She rises her party’s toughness through assistance magic, and can also inflict damage on enemies with the strength of song.

How much input did Grande have in making her character?

Ariana the review the designs the breakthrough team developed of her character. She was exceptionally pleased v the flashy effects, the cute personality animations, as well as the to sing animations they made especially for her character.

Are over there other methods to attain Grande’s character?

Players were only able to attain Ariana’s character during this special occasion period. When obtained, football player can proceed to usage her in-game for every content.

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Is Grande a Final Fantasy fan?

Ariana has actually a crawl interest and love because that Japanese society which additionally encompasses Final Fantasy, among other things. She mentioned that she has been researching Japanese and also wrote “daisuki” (love) in Japanese characters above her autograph. We were really surprised to watch that she can write in Japanese.