How Every World series in significant League history Ended

Each year, the primary focus in any type of professional sports is the gyeongju for a championship. Every sport has their pinnacle trophy, however none is as coveted together baseball"s world Series. An occasion as essential as any holiday ~ above the calendar, that is as classic as Thanksgiving, as patriotic together the 4th of July and as anticipated together Christmas morning.

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Over the last century, the World collection has been woven into the fabric of America"s society evolving far beyond a mere baseball tournament and also what regularly stands the end the many — in both great and bad memories — space the last outs (and walkoff wins).


"The young, thrifty Marlins make the Yankees watch old and also overpaid. Through the last game they had Andy Pettitte shouting angrily right into his glove and also Jeter muttering come himself. And when Beckett tagged Jorge Posada because that the final out, the Marlins became the very first visiting team come celebrate a World series title in ~ Yankee Stadium because the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1981." - Sportswriter Steven alcohol in Yahoo! sports (October 25, 2003)

The last Outs that Every world Series

World collection Final Outs | how Every Fall classic Ended | study by Baseball Almanac

World SeriesGMGot the the end Was the the end Type of out 1903 human being Series8Lou CrigerHonus WagnerStruck the end (by invoice Dinneen) swinging.1905 human being Series5Bill DahlenLave CrossGrounded out to shortstop.1906 world Series6Jiggs DonahueFrank SchulteGrounded the end to very first base.1907 people Series5Joe TinkerBoss SchmidtPopped out to shortstop.1908 human being Series5Johnny KlingBoss SchmidtGrounded the end at residence plate.1909 civilization Series7Fred ClarkeTom JonesFlied the end to left field.1910 people Series5Jack BarryJimmy ArcherTagged out on pressure play to quick stop.1911 world Series6Frank BakerArt WilsonGrounded out to third base.1912 civilization Seriesn/an/an/aSee rapid Facts in ~ bottom that page.1913 human being Series5Eddie MurphyLarry DoyleFlied out to ideal field.1914 world Series4Charlie DealStuffy McInnisGrounded out to third base.1915 civilization Series5Everett ScottBill KilleferGrounded out to shortstop.1916 human being Series5Everett ScottMike MowreyGrounded the end to shortstop.1917 human being Series6Eddie CollinsLew McCartyGrounded the end to second base.1918 civilization Series6Dave SheanLes MannGrounded the end to 2nd base.1919 civilization Series8Morrie RathJoe JacksonGrounded the end to 2nd base.1920 civilization Series7Joe SewellHy MyersForced the end at second base.1921 world Series8George KellyAaron WardTrying to advancement to third base.1922 human being Series5Ross YoungsAaron WardFlied the end to ideal field.1923 civilization Series6Aaron WardJack BentleyGrounded the end to 2nd base.1924 civilization Seriesn/an/an/aSee rapid Facts in ~ bottom that page.1925 human being Series7Johnny GoochGoose GoslinStruck out (by Red Oldham) looking.1926 people Series7Bob O"FarrellBabe RuthCaught trying come steal second base.1927 world Seriesn/an/an/aSee rapid Facts in ~ bottom the page.1928 people Series4Babe RuthFrankie FrischFlied out to left ar (in foul territory).1929 human being Seriesn/an/an/aSee fast Facts in ~ bottom of page.1930 world Series6Bing MillerJimmie WilsonFlied out to appropriate field.1931 people Series7Pepper MartinMax BishopFlied the end to center field.1932 civilization Series4Ben ChapmanRiggs StephensonFlied out to ideal field.1933 world Series5Gus MancusoJoe KuhelStruck the end (by Dolf Luque) swinging.1934 world Series7Leo DurocherBilly RogellForced out at 2nd base by shortstop.1935 human being Seriesn/an/an/aSee rapid Facts at bottom of page.1936 people Series6Lou GehrigHarry DanningGrounded out to very first base.1937 world Series5Lou GehrigJo-Jo MooreGrounded out to very first base.1938 world Series4Red RuffingBilly HermanGrounded out to pitcher.1939 world Series4Frankie CrosettiWally BergerLined the end to the shortstop.1940 world Series7Lonny FreyEarl AverillGrounded the end to second base.1941 civilization Series5Joe DiMaggioJimmy WasdellFlied the end to facility field.1942 human being Series5Jimmy BrownGeorge SelkirkGrounded out to second base.1943 people Series5Joe GordonDebs GarmsGrounded the end to 2nd base.1944 civilization Series6Walker CooperMike ChartakStruck out (by Ted Wilks) swinging.1945 people Series7Skeeter WebbRoy HughesForced out at second base by shortstop.1946 civilization Series7Red SchoendienstPinky HigginsForced out at second by 2nd baseman.1947 human being Series7Phil RizzutoBruce EdwardsGrounded come shortstop (double play).1948 world Series6Bob KennedyTommy HolmesFlied out to left field.1949 world Series5Yogi BerraGil HodgesStruck out (by Joe Page) swinging.1950 human being Series4Yogi BerraStan LopataStruck the end (by Allie Reynolds) swinging.1951 world Series6Hank BauerSal YvarsLined the end to best field.1952 human being Series7Gene WoodlingPee Wee ReeseFlied out to left field.1953 people Seriesn/an/an/aSee fast Facts at bottom of page.1954 world Series4Hank ThompsonDale MitchellPopped the end to third base (in foul territory).1955 world Series7Pee Wee ReeseElston HowardGrounded out to shortstop.1956 world Series7Bill SkowronJackie RobinsonStruck out by Kucks / Berra throw to first.1957 human being Series7Eddie MathewsJerry ColemanForced out at 3rd base.1958 people Series7Mickey MantleRed SchoendienstLined the end to center field.1959 world Series6Wally MoonLuis AparicioFlied out to left field.1960 world Seriesn/an/an/aSee rapid Facts in ~ bottom that page.1961 people Series5Hector LopezVada PinsonFlied out to left field.1962 human being Series7Bobby RichardsonWillie McCoveyLined out to 2nd base.1963 world Series4Maury WillsHector LopezGround the end to shortstop.1964 civilization Series7Dal MaxvillBobby RichardsonPopped out to second base.1965 people Series7Johnny RoseboroBob AllisonStruck out (by Sandy Koufax) swinging.1966 civilization Series4Paul BlairLou JohnsonFlied the end to center field.1967 human being Series7Tim McCarverGeorge ScottStruck out (by Bob Gibson) swinging.1968 civilization Series7Bill FreehanTim McCarverPopped out to catcher (in foul territory).1969 civilization Series5Cleon JonesDavey JohnsonFlied the end to left field.1970 world Series5Brooks RobinsonPat CorralesGrounded the end to 3rd base.1971 world Series7Jackie HernandezMerv RettenmundGrounded out to shortstop.1972 civilization Series7Joe RudiPete RoseFlied the end to left field.1973 people Series7Bert CampanerisWayne GarrettPopped out to shortstop.1974 civilization Series5Rollie FingersVon JoshuaGrounded the end to the pitcher.1975 civilization Series7Cesar GeronimoCarl YastrzemskiFlied the end to center field.1976 civilization Series4George FosterRoy WhiteFlied out to left field.1977 human being Series6Mike TorrezLee LacyBunt-popped the end to the pitcher.1978 human being Series6Thurman MunsonRon CeyPopped out to catcher (in foul territory).1979 civilization Series7Omar MorenoPat KellyFlied out to facility field.1980 people Series6Bob BooneWillie WilsonStruck out (by Tug McGraw) swinging.1981 civilization Series6Ken LandreauxBob WatsonFlied the end to center field.1982 world Series7Darrell PorterGorman ThomasStruck out (by Bruce Sutter) swinging.1983 people Series5Cal Ripken, Jr.Garry MaddoxLined the end to shortstop.1984 people Series5Larry HerndonTony GwynnFlied the end to left field.1985 civilization Series7Darryl MotleyAndy valve SlykeFlied out to best field.1986 civilization Series7Gary CarterMarty BarrettStruck out (by Jesse Orosco) swinging.1987 human being Series7Gary GaettiWillie McGeeGrounded out to 3rd base.1988 people Series5Rick DempseyTony PhillipsStruck the end (by Orel Hershiser) swinging.1989 world Series4Tony PhillipsBrett ButlerGrounded out to second base.1990 human being Series4Todd BenzingerCarney LansfordPopped out to first base (in foul territory).1991 civilization Seriesn/an/an/aSee rapid Facts at bottom that page.1992 civilization Series6Mike TimlinOtis NixonBunted ago to pitcher.1993 world Seriesn/an/an/aSee quick Facts in ~ bottom of page.1995 human being Series6Marquis GrissomCarlos BaergaPopped out to facility field.1996 people Series6Charlie HayesMark LemkePopped out to 3rd base (in foul territory).1997 world Seriesn/an/an/aSee quick Facts at bottom that page.1998 people Series4Scott BrosiusMark SweeneyGrounded out to 3rd base.1999 civilization Series4Chad CurtisKeith LockhartFlied the end to left field.2000 civilization Series5Bernie WilliamsMike PiazzaFlied the end to facility field.2001 people Seriesn/an/an/aSee quick Facts at bottom that page.2002 people Series7Darin ErstadKenny LoftonFlied the end to center field.2003 world Series6Josh BeckettJorge PosadaTagged out running to very first base.2004 world Series4Keith FoulkeEdgar RenteriaGrounded out earlier to pitcher.2005 human being Series4Juan UribeOrlando PalmeiroGrounded out to shortstop.2006 civilization Series5Yadier MolinaBrandon IngeStruck the end (by Adam Wainwright) swinging.2007 world Series4Jason VaritekSeth SmithStruck out (by Jonathan Papelbon) swinging.2008 human being Series5Carlos RuizEric HinskeStruck out (by Brad Lidge) swinging.2009 people Series6Robinson CanoShane VictorinoGrounded the end to second base.2010 people Series5Buster PoseyNelson CruzStruck the end (by Brian Wilson) swinging.2011 people Series7Allen CraigDavid MurphyFlied out to left field.2012 people Series4Buster PoseyMiguel CabreraStruck the end (by Sergio Romo) looking.2013 civilization Series6David RossMatt CarpenterStruck out (by Koji Uehara) swinging.2014 people Series7Pablo SandovalSalvador PerezPopped out to third base (in foul territory).2015 civilization Series5Drew ButeraWilmer FloresStruck the end (by walking Davis) looking.2016 world Series7Kris BryantMichael MartinezGrounded the end to 3rd base.2017 world Series7Jose AltuveCorey SeagerGrounded the end to 2nd base.2018 civilization Series5Christian VazquezManny MachadoStruck out (by chris Sale) swinging.2019 civilization Series7Yan GomesMichael BrantleyStruck out (by Daniel Hudson) swinging.

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2020 human being Series6Austin BarnesWilly AdamesStruck the end (by Julio Urias) looking.
2021 people Seriesn/a------
World SeriesGMGot the OutWas the OutType the Out
Final Outs of the World series | research by Baseball Almanac