Ex-president states ‘We gained 75m votes and we no win but let’s view what happens’ seven months after election called


Donald Trump likewise told Sean Hannity he hoped Joe Biden ‘has no problems’ in office, saying: ‘I want him to carry out well.’ Photograph: Gerald Herbert/AP
Donald Trump also told Sean Hannity he hoped Joe Biden ‘has no problems’ in office, saying: ‘I want him to perform well.’ Photograph: Gerald Herbert/AP

Donald Trump has told Fox News that “didn’t win” the 2020 presidential election, and wishes Joe Biden well.

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The previous president make the admission 7 months ~ the election was referred to as for his rival and five month after Biden’s inauguration, during a rambling call interview with Fox show host Sean Hannity ~ above Wednesday night.

He did no drop his lie the the Democrat won thanks to electoral fraud.

“We were supposed to win easily, 64m votes,” trump said. “We gained 75m votes and also we didn’t win, but let’s view what happens on that.”

Biden won much more than 7m more votes 보다 Trump and also won by 306-232 in the electoral college, a result Trump dubbed a landslide once it remained in his favour over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Nonetheless Trump has actually pursued his lie about electoral fraud both in court – where much more than 80 lawsuits daunting the result have been thrown out – and also in a decided which i stopped the deadly strike on the united state Capitol by supporters on 6 January.

Trump to be impeached a 2nd time, for inciting one insurrection, yet acquitted once only 7 Republican senators voted come convict. GOP senators likewise blocked the facility of an independent, 9/11-style inquiry right into the attack on the Capitol.

Republicans in the states have actually pursued Trump’s lie around electoral fraud – Arizona, one of the vital states winner by Biden, mounted a controversial audit of ballots in its many populous county.

Republicans in state governments have introduced laws to border ballot accessibility among communities much more likely to poll Democratic, and also to make it much easier to overturn election results.

Trump also told Hannity he hope Biden “has no problems” in office.

“I desire him to carry out well,” he said. “I think the choice was unbelievably unfair, however I want this man to walk out and do well for our country.”

Biden returned to the united state on Wednesday native Geneva, whereby he met the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, at the finish of a european tour.

Trump called Hannity Biden “gave a very big stage to Russia, and we got nothing … i think it to be a great day because that Russia”.

Trump hosted a summit v Putin in Helsinki in 2018 which most observers believed was a good day because that Russia and a humiliating one because that the US.

Most were outraged as soon as Trump sided through Putin over Russian interference in the 2016 united state election. The told Hannity the investigation of the interference and links in between him and also Moscow “made it daunting to attend to Russia”.

He likewise complained about reporting of the Russia investigation, which developed convictions of countless Trump aides however which under then attorney general William Barr left trump card untouched despite extensive proof of attempts to obstruct justice.

Biden is 78. Hannity argued his mental acuity to be slipping. Trump rotate 75 this week. Despite he complained the us under Biden was in a “shocking state”, Trump stated that because that Biden, “age is not the problem”.

Trump retains a firm grip on the Republican party, stoking its assaults on Biden’s $1.9tn coronavirus stimulus and also rescue parcel and similarly priced infrastructure proposals together dangerously and also radically leftwing.

“This is much worse 보다 Bernie was ever before going come be,” he said. “Bernie Sanders would have never thought to imply some of the points that are happening ideal now.”

Though the Trump administration fast-tracked development of Covid-19 vaccines and began distribution, Biden accelerated the effort. Though the US death toll native the coronavirus pandemic happen 600,000 this week, many states are in the procedure of reopening.

Trump said Hannity he believed the theory Covid-19 escaped native a activities in China. US knowledge agencies room investigating that theory and also others.

Trump leads most polls of possible Republican nominees for 2024, has announced a return to large-scale public events and also has done small to indicate he will certainly not mount an additional run for the White House.

He told Hannity he would “be making a decision top top 2024” after ~ midterm elections next year, “but if you look in ~ the numbers, people are liking me much more than ever before.

“I think the factor is they room watching what is happening come our country, they room watching no power independence, never has there been a scene like what is happening at the border and also the death that is being led to … they space looking at the economy and inflation, spring at attention rates and gasoline prices, and I guess the is make me really popular.”

Trump, that bequeathed Biden an economy cratered by Covid-19, has also proved well-known with prosecutors, facing mounting legal difficulties over his business dealings.

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In Washington, Democrats space demanding accountability for justice department actions under his administration, including obtaining the private records the reporters and congressmen in leak investigations.