Another George Springer house run. Another Yu Darvish nightmare. A one-of-a-kind World collection in the books.

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The 2017 World collection is over, at last and abruptly.

The Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers, 5-1, in game 7 on Wednesday night in Chavez Ravine to insurance claim the an initial World series championship in franchise history. After both groups tussled evenly with six largely bonkers and also thoroughly homertastic games, the Astros conveniently took control of the winner-take-all tilt and never let go.

Here are nine numbers that tell the story of video game 7:


Dodgers starting pitcher Yu Darvish recorded just five outs when surrendering 5 runs (four earned) in his second straight destructive World collection outing. The 31-year-old righty permitted a leadoff twin to Astros center fielder George Springer to start the game and also then each of the following two at-bats — against Alex Bregman and also Jose Altuve — produced runs because that a 2-0 command after one inning.


Astros starting pitcher Lance McCullers didn’t last too lengthy on the mound either, yet he did make his affect felt in ~ the plate prior to exiting. Through the Astros already leading, 2-0, in the second, McCullers journey in their 3rd run the the game with an RBI groundout.

It to be the first RBI through a pitcher in a winner-take-all World collection game due to the fact that 1986. It to be the very first RBI by a pitcher in any kind of World series game due to the fact that 2012. It to be the an initial RBI by one American league pitcher in a World collection game since 2009. It was the first RBI of McCullers’ MLB career.


Astros facility fielder George Springer added to his draw of World collection records v a game-breaking, two-run homer in the 2nd inning. The 438-foot blast to center chased Darvish indigenous the game and stretched the Astros’ result in 5-0. It was Springer’s fifth home run of the 2017 world Series, matching the all-time high because that homers in a single World collection established by Reggie Jackson (1977) and also Chase Utley (2009).


Darvish didn’t escape the 2nd inning as the Dodgers fell behind, 5-0, early. On the mound for the Astros, McCullers didn’t last too lot longer. Houston’s 24-year-old righty went 2.1 scoreless innings and also bonked a historic four batters through errant pitches. That also permitted three hits because that seven total baserunners while record his seven outs. It to be the an initial Game 7 in people Series background in which no starter escaped the 3rd inning, follow to Elias sporting activities Bureau:

There were only two vault World series Game 7s in i m sorry neither starting pitcher made it through four innings: Hal Gregg, Dodgers (3⅔) and Spec Shea, Yankees (1⅓) in 1947; and also Jeremy Guthrie, Royals (3⅓) and Tim Hudson, Giants (1⅔) in 2014.


The Dodgers fell behind early yet didn’t desire for avenues to get ago into the game. Los Angeles outhit Houston (6-5) and added baserunners through hit-by-pitch (four) and walks (two). Ten of those baserunners were stranded.

Dodgers leave "em loaded in the bottom fifty percent of the 1st. Astros command 2-0. #World

— FOX Sports: MLB (


Dodgers manager Dave Roberts rotate to games 1 and also 5 starter Clayton Kershaw to start the 3rd inning of game 7. The 29-year-old lefty went four scoreless innings, giving his team a possibility to near the gap. V his 12 outs recorded in relief, Kershaw retired much more batters the end of the bullpen in game 7 than Darvish go in his two starts linked (10).

Clayton Kershaw conquered out that the "pen in video game 7. #WorldSeries

— FOX Sports: MLB (


Astros manager A.J. Hinch upended typical wisdom by relying on beginning pitchers the end of his bullpen throughout the 2017 postseason. In video game 7, he called on four pitchers in relief the McCullers v 64 merged regular-season starts this season among them: Brad Peacock (21), Francisco Liriano (18, all prior to a midseason trade to Houston), chris Devenski (0) and Charlie Morton (25). End 6.2 innings in game 7, they permitted just one run.


Dodgers very first baseman Cody Bellinger struck out three times in game 7, going under swinging twice versus McCullers and down looking versus Morton. His 17 strikeouts in the World collection established a new record.


Astros pitcher Charlie Morton started video game 4, walk 6.1 innings and enabling just one operation while taking a no-decision in a 6-2 loss. In video game 7, the made his very first relief appearance due to the fact that 2008, his debut season. In video game 7, he discovered himself top top the mound in a 9th inning because that the very first time because 2011. In game 7, the went four, one-run innings while striking out 4 and enabling two hits.

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