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Two names that have become synonymous v the Braves this postseason play hero on Saturday: Eddie Rosario and also Tyler Matzek.

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Responding come a fresh tied video game in the bottom of the 4th inning, Rosario continued his hot hitting through a go-ahead three-run homer off Dodgers hurler walker Buehler to placed the Braves up because that good. Then, in the seventh, as soon as the Dodgers had the tying operation in scoring position with no one out in a two-run game, Matzek come out of the bullpen and struck out three directly batters come strand the runners.

Matzek pitched a shutout eighth together well, Will smith shut it down in the ninth, and the Braves punched your ticket to the World collection with a 4-2 win in video game 6 of the NLCS.

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This will be the very first trip to the Fall classic for Atlanta due to the fact that 1999. The Braves will face the American organization champion Astros start Tuesday. Houston will have home-field advantage and hold the an initial two gamings of the series.

The Braves" offense got it done double in clutch cases Saturday night. In the first, Ozzie Albies reached on a two-out twin and climate scored on a ground-rule double by Austin Riley to put Atlanta increase 1-0.

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Cody Bellinger bound the game for Los Angeles in the peak of the fourth with one RBI single, yet in the bottom that the frame, a walk to catcher Travis d’Arnaud and a double by pinch hitter Ehire Adrianza offered Rosario a possibility to bat through a pair in scoring position and two out. Buehler make the efforts to throw one cutter too many past Rosario and the Braves’ left fielder sent out a 1-2 pitch end the right-field wall surface at Truist Park because that a three-run homer.

A few scoreless innings passed prior to a dual by chris Taylor, a walk to Bellinger and an RBI twin by A.J. Pollock lugged the video game to 4-2 in the seventh, through Bellinger and Pollock wait in scoring position. Matzek come in and also struck out Albert Pujols, Steven Souza Jr. And also Mookie Betts to acquire his team the end of danger. He set the Dodgers under 1-2-3 in the height of the eighth and turned the lead over to Smith because that the ninth.

Sporting News provided live inning-by-inning updates and also highlights that Dodgers vs. Braves.

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Dodgers vs. Braves score


Dodgers vs. Braves live updates, highlights indigenous NLCS game 6

11:44 p.m.:  Pollock grounds out to short, and the Braves space heading to the world Series.

11:42 p.m.:  Bellinger goes down swinging. 2 away in the inning.

11:39 p.m.:  Taylor chases a high fastball. One out in the peak of the ninth.

11:33 p.m. Finish of Eighth:  Riley goes down swinging. Will certainly Smith is comes in hope to send the Braves to the world Series.

11:31 p.m.:  Albies strikes out swinging. Freeman takes second on the stolen base, and Riley will currently bat because that the Braves with two in scoring position and two away.

11:29 p.m.:  Freeman is offered an intentional happen to bring Albies come the plate through runners on the corners.

11:28 p.m.:  Rosario offers one a ride to deep center, but Bellinger records it because that the very first out. Heredia advancements 90 feet to third on the flyout.

11:25 p.m.:  guillermo Heredia comes in to pinch run for Soler with Rosario early up.

11:24 p.m.:  Jorge Soler, pinch-hitting for Matzek, leads off the bottom the the eighth with a hustle double, simply sliding in at second on the hit come left.

11:19 p.m.:  Kenley Jansen comes in come pitch because that the Dodgers.

11:16 p.m. End Top Eighth:  Matzek gets Smith come ground out and also the Braves room three outs away from going to the world Series.

3 outs away.Atlanta "bout come blast choose bubbly. Pic.twitter.com/WvpWkMcuAU

— MLB (
MLB) October 24, 2021

11:15 p.m.:  no a strikeout, but it"ll do. Turner bounces the end to third for the 2nd out.

11:14 p.m.:  Matzek continues his run. He gets Seager swinging top top a slider for the very first out.

11:10 p.m. End of Seventh:  D"Arnaud is caught looking at strike three on the inside to strand Swanson in ~ first.

11:07 p.m.:  Swanson gives the Braves a two-out baserunner by singling through the left side of the infield.

11:04 p.m.:  Pederson paris out to best for the second out the the frame.

11:03 p.m.:  Corey Knebel gets Duvall swinging to begin the bottom half of the seventh.

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10:56 p.m. Finish Top Seventh:  Matzek. 98 mph fastball swollen right previous Betts. Braves require six outs to advancement to the human being Series.

Three substantial strikeouts from
TylerMatzek !