Joe Biden ended up being president-elect Nov. 7 ~ winning Pennsylvania, NBC News projected. His to run mate, Kamala Harris, made history as the first woman and very first Black and South asian American elected vice president.

Biden will become the 46th president on Jan. 20.

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National Presidential outcomes by StateState NameTotal Electoral VotesPercent InDemocratic CandidateRepublican CandidateLink to Page
New Jersey
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Dakota
West Virginia
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New York
Commonwealth the the north Mariana Islands
South Carolina
Rhode Island

Early voting nationally

National numbers only include states where there is some kind of early on voting and also data is available. That does not represent all registered voters. In 2016, 40.8% that all voters nationwide voted at an early stage (17.7% absentee, 5.9% by mail, 17.2% early on in-person).

Last updated Dec. 3. Party registration is based upon a mix of state-provided partisanship (when available) and TargetSmart’s design of party affiliation.Data noted by

More to the Story in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and also devastating economic fallout room two significant issues impacting the choice this year as voters assess which candidate is ideal suited come handle and combat the crisis. NBC News is tracking and updating daily the variety of coronavirus related deaths in each state and also U.S. Territory, as well as tracking the jobless insurance claims as reported weekly by the department of Labor.

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2016 departure Polls

Summary the 2016 leave Poll data that mirrors the relationship of how various groups voted.

2012 leave Polls

Summary that 2012 leave Poll data that mirrors the ratio of how different groups voted.

The expected vote is the total variety of votes that are expected in a offered race when all votes space counted. This number is one estimate and also is based on several different factors, consisting of information on the variety of votes cast early and also information listed to our vote reporters on choice Day indigenous county election officials. The figure can adjust as NBC News gathers new information.

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Source: TargetSmart offers individual-level voterfile data state-by-state, consisting of ballot requests and early in-person/mail in-voting absentee early on vote data. The NBC News Decision workdesk independently analyzes and aggregates the data.

11100%Biden 65.6% 2,382,202 votesTrump 32.1% 1,167,202 votesGo to page Massachusetts results page
10100%Biden 52.4% 1,717,077 votesTrump 45.3% 1,484,065 votesGo to page Minnesota outcomes page
14100%Biden 57.1% 2,608,335 votesTrump 41.3% 1,883,274 votesGo come page brand-new Jersey outcomes page
15100%Biden 48.6% 2,684,292 votesTrump 49.9% 2,758,773 votesGo to web page North Carolina outcomes page
3100%Biden 31.8% 114,902 votesTrump 65.1% 235,595 votesGo to web page North Dakota outcomes page
20100%Biden 50% 3,459,923 votesTrump 48.8% 3,378,263 votesGo to page Pennsylvania outcomes page
3100%Biden 35.6% 150,471 votesTrump 61.8% 261,043 votesGo to page South Dakota results page
7100%Biden 59.2% 1,080,680 votesTrump 39.2% 715,291 votesGo to web page Connecticut results page
10100%Biden 41.4% 1,253,014 votesTrump 56.8% 1,718,736 votesGo to web page Missouri results page
5100%Biden 29.7% 235,984 votesTrump 68.6% 545,382 votesGo to web page West Virginia outcomes page
20100%Biden 57.5% 3,471,915 votesTrump 40.6% 2,446,891 votesGo to web page Illinois outcomes page
55100%Biden 63.5% 11,110,250 votesTrump 34.3% 6,006,429 votesGo to web page California results page
3100%Biden 92.1% 317,323 votesTrump 5.4% 18,586 votesGo to page District that Columbia results page
16100%Biden 50.6% 2,804,040 votesTrump 47.8% 2,649,852 votesGo to page Michigan results page
4100%Biden 52.7% 424,921 votesTrump 45.4% 365,654 votesGo to page brand-new Hampshire outcomes page
29100%Biden 60.9% 5,244,006 votesTrump 37.7% 3,250,230 votesGo come page new York results page
11100%Biden 37.5% 1,143,711 votesTrump 60.7% 1,852,475 votesGo to web page Tennessee outcomes page
12100%Biden 58% 2,369,612 votesTrump 38.8% 1,584,651 votesGo to page Washington results page
10100%Biden 49.5% 1,630,673 votesTrump 48.8% 1,610,065 votesGo to web page Wisconsin outcomes page
Go come page commonwealth of the north Mariana Islands outcomes page
9100%Biden 43.4% 1,091,541 votesTrump 55.1% 1,385,103 votesGo to web page South Carolina outcomes page
4100%Biden 59.4% 307,486 votesTrump 38.6% 199,922 votesGo to page Rhode Island results page