“Now yes something you won’t see up in Canada.” i pointed at the sign and said to the taxi driver. “What?” The cabbie sounded puzzled. “Y’all nothing execute felons increase there?” ns shook my head. “No, but we more than likely should. I can think of a couple of names because that the list.”

I never ever forgot this experience and, from time come time, I check in through the TDCJ death Row website come see how they’re making the end in the Lone Star State. I did the today, and I surfed the “Recent Executions” page and also read few of the “Last Statements”. I believed it could make a an excellent blog write-up that fits v my tagline “Provoking think on Life, Death, and Writing”. It additionally might cause a few unsubscribers to mine mailing list.

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Here are a couple of felons who showed up in the Texas death row room – consisting of what they did to obtain there and also what they claimed going out.

Billy Wayne Coble shooting his estranged wife’s parents and brother dead, climate stole their car and kidnapped his mam after tying their four kids to a bed. This finished in a wild vehicle chase with the police wherein the getaway car was wrecked yet the wife and also Coble survived. Last Statement: “Yes Sir, that will be five Dollars. I love you, ns love you, and I love you. Mike, ns love you. Where Nelley at? i love you. That will be five dollars. Take Care.”

Robert Moreno Ramos murdered his wife and children, aged 3 and also 4, by bludgeoning them through a blunt object. That hid the body under the floor and also had a brand-new woman relocate in 3 days later. When the odor started, she suspected something and also called the police. Last Statement: “I to be thankful because that the humane treatment that i was provided here in ~ the 2 prisons that ns was at. I am acquiring my gold watch that it took the governor 30 year to forge. Say thanks to you God, lord send me a chariot. Ns ready.”

Juan Edward Costello cold-bloodedly shot a 19-year-old male during a robbery. Last Statement: “To anyone that has been there for me you know who friend are. Love y’all. See y’all on the various other side. That’s it.”

Anthony Allen Shore to be a Texas serial killer that was captured for 4 sex-killings. Last Statement: “I will die v a clean conscience. I made mine peace. Over there is no others. I would prefer to great a Happy birthday to Barbara Carrol, this particular day is she birthday. God bless everybody until we fulfill again. Ns am ready, Warden.”

Ruben Ramirez Cardenas to be convicted the kidnapping a 16-year-old girl from she bedroom and also taking her by auto to a remote ar where that raped and beat she to death. Last Statement: “I will not and also cannot apologize for someone else’s crime, but, I will be back for justice! You have the right to count on that!

Robert Lynn Pruett was serving a life sentence for murder once he win a correctional officer come death. Last Statement: “I’m all set to go however I’ll be back. Nighty night everybody, nighty night everybody. I’m done, Warden.”

Taichin Preyor stalked his ex-girlfriend, damaged into she home, and fatally stabbed her.

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last Statement: “I’d prefer to say, ‘Justice has never progressed by acquisition a life… by Coretta Scott King’. That’s it.”

Terry Edwards to be a Texas job criminal who acquired the death sentence for shooting two clerks during a robbery. Last Statement: “I made tranquility with God. I hope y’all make peace with this.”

Barney Ronald Fuller gained in a problem with his neighbors, for this reason he shot them. Last Statement: “I don’t have actually anything to say, you have the right to proceed Warden Jones.”


Lester Bower was a Texas hit-man because that a Columbian medicine cartel. He was convicted on multiple gangland murders. Last Statement: “Much has actually been written around my case, not all of it has actually been the truth. Yet the time is over and now it is time to relocate on. I desire to give thanks to my attorneys for all the they have actually done. The have actually afforded me the last quarter of a century. I would choose to give thanks to my wife, my daughters, family and also friends for unwavering support, and every one of the letters and also well wishes end the years. Currently it is time to pass on. Ns have battled the great fight, I held the faith. I am not going to say goodbye. Ns will simply say till we satisfy again. Give thanks to you, Warden.”

Charles Derrick damaged into his ex-girlfriend’s place and also strangled a guy who was visiting her. The waited till the girlfriend and also her mother arrived and also he eliminated them, too. Last Statement: “I’m ready to walk home.”


Roy Pippin kept his innocence it rotates the end. A Texas jury convicted Pippin of multiple killing to sheathe his company financial embezzlement. Last Statement: “Yes sir, I charge the world of the jury. Attempt Judge, the Prosecutor the cheated to get this conviction. I charge each and every among you with the killing of an chaste man. All the way to the CCA, federal Court, 5th Circuit, and Supreme Court. You will answer come your device when God has found out that you executed an chaste man. May God have actually mercy ~ above you. If mine murder makes it less complicated for everyone else permit the forgiveness please be a component of the healing. Walk ahead Warden, murder me.

Douglas Roberts kidnapped, robbed, and also murdered a man in san Antonio climate ran over him with a vehicle to to like the evidence prior to phoning the police to report a dead body. Last Statement: “Yes sir, Warden. Okay, I’ve been hanging around this popsicle stand means too long. Before I leave, I want to tell girlfriend all. When I die, bury me deep, lay two speakers at my feet, placed some headphones on mine head and rock and also roll me when I’m dead. I’ll view you in sky someday. That’s all, Warden.”

Suzanne Basso to be a nasty item of work. She sucked a mentally-handicapped man right into a marital relationship proposal and took a life insurance policy on him. Then, she beat him to fatality with a belt, a bat, steel-toed boots, and also her bare hands. Last Statement: *Quote native TDCJ – This offender decreased to make a last statement.*