Almost exactly eight months ago, the ninth and also final season the CBS’s “How ns Met her Mother” pertained to its long-awaited conclusion. Together the show had promised due to the fact that the really beginning of the series, the series finale ultimately showedTed (Josh Radnor) meeting Tracy (Cristin Milioti), the future mother of his children. It just took 208 illustration and around twelve dozen near calls, but “How ns Met your Mother” did it, lastly letting Ted and Tracy meet-cute under a yellow umbrella in the rain.

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The story didn’t end there, however. Tracy, a quick montage revealed, has actually been dead for 6 years in 2030, and also the true allude of 2030-era Ted rambling to his significantly bored children was to test the waters regarding their thoughts on “Aunt Robin,” Ted’s longtime off-and-on love attention (Cobie Smulders) with whom Ted to be apparently constantly meant to end up.

People were pissed.

Of course, that’s not unusual for a series finale — sticking the landing is one of the hardest things a present ever needs to do. For one thing, the terms are sometimes difficult to dictate, many thanks to an abbreviated season, unexpected cancelation or lack of renewal. And also even as soon as the present has some feeling of regulate over its finishing (or in ~ the an extremely least, a small bit that warning), that then has to measure as much as fan expectations, which deserve to be even an ext brutal 보다 the critics. “Lost” had literally three years to work up the conclusion, and also people still got pretty mad.

Over the last 40 year of television, the only universally beloved series finales are the critical episodes of “M.A.S.H.” and… Wait. It might just it is in “M.A.S.H.” Oh, and“Star Trek: The following Generation.”“M.A.S.H.” and“Star Trek: The following Generation.” That’s it.

While some level of disappointmentand dissatisfaction constantly accompany that an extremely last duty of the credits, there space a few finales that are considered full-on failures, and the general consensus is the “How i Met your Mother” is among them. However after eight months of thinking around “Last Forever (Parts 1 and also 2)”… probably it’s time us tried to pardon it.

Reasons come Still it is in Mad

But here’s the thing around that: I can think that no far better depiction of what it’s like to lose a girlfriend or love one. Since when someone who mattered come you overcome away, in large part that’s what they end up being — the works they created, the memories they left behind. Because that Ted and his children, Tracy has been gone for years. But she is real and alive, in this stories. Due to the fact that that’s currently where she lives.

As for the latter. That is true the what developed was a bait-and-switch: We believed we to be being said one love story, and actually us were gift told another. ~ falling in and out the love with Ted and Robin together a couple for almost a decade, being genuinely unsure who to root for — specifically when Tracy entered the step — that final scene, in i m sorry Ted runs to Robin v a blue French horn, felt just a small bit choose emotional whiplash. Had actually Ted and also Robin yes, really earned a happily ever after? ~ all, was the really the story Ted had actually been informing his children, every these years?

What makes It (Potentially) Great

The concept of one unreliable narrator in fiction is often belabored come the point of boredom (in fact, ns bet the native “unreliable narrator” simply now gave you one uncomfortable flashback to high school English class). However in plenty of respects television is only start to scratch the surface.

The existing standard-bearer is Showtime’s twisty domestic thriller “The Affair,” but “How ns Met your Mother” was likewise a pioneer, as the display made constant use of its framing device to produce both rapid gags and deeper cuts, including in-jokes that stretched over years. (For example, Ted’s inability to remember i m sorry of his birthday parties featured him having a fistfight with a goat.)

Ted is gift as fairly infallible, together narrators walk — when he’s informing his kids something that doesn’t complement up precisely with reality, the present calls him out deliberately on the point. Until the finale, once the entire premise is rotate on the head.

It every comes under to the last scene in between Ted and also his kids, which — in case you didn’t know — was filmed in part after “How ns Met her Mother’s” Season 2 finale. The filmed component was, really specifically, the shots that Ted’s kids (Lyndsy Fonseca andDavid Henrie) informing Ted the they knew your widowed dad was only talking around their mother due to the fact that he wanted their approval to date Robin.

The decision come film the scene in breakthrough was made due to the fact that Fonseca and also Henrie were aging out of the roles, however the result was the for nearly the whole run of the show,creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bayshave known precisely how they want their display to end.

Unfortunately, the finishing they ended up v in 2014 didn’t perfectly match up v that initial concept, perhaps due to the fact that Tracy was incorporated too well right into the final season. The best proof of that is thefan-cut,thentacitly-approvedalternate ending which removed any type of mention of the mother’s death and instead featured Ted and also Tracy, alive and also together.

Plenty the “HIMYM” pan would have actually been satisfied v Ted lastly actually meeting Tracy and also living happily ever before after. However, many thanks to that at an early stage commitment to what is quiet the official ending to the show, Thomas and also Bays did pull off among television’s much more exciting collection finale twists.

From Ted’s perspective, that was telling a love story driven by fate as lot as coincidence, a love story whereby the happy ending, for him, to be the two kids who wouldn’t exist there is no it. However, once Ted’s youngsters tell that what story he’s actually been telling — the story that why he and Robin should be with each other — they do the storyteller fallible, remove his authority end the narrative just as it comes to a close.

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It’s a bold relocate that place “HIMYM” ~ above a distinct list: the series finales that actually surprised us. For some, that surprise was a disappointment. But disappointment is expecting the a life has actually only one love story, the happily ever before after just happens once, that surprises, great and bad, happen along the way. “How ns Met her Mother” was never perfect. However then again, whoever stated life was?

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