SPOILER ALERT:Do not review on uneven you’ve seen the “Dancing v the Stars” Season 23 finale, which aired Nov. 22 top top ABC.

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Another pair has danced their way to the Mirror sphere trophy.

“Dancing through The Stars” unveiled that Season 23 winner top top Tuesday night, and also it to be Laurie Hernandez who won together her pro dancer companion Val Chmerkovskiy.

The various other finalists to be Calvin Johnson and Lindsay Arnold and also James Hinchcliffe and also Sharna Burgess.

The large reveal came after a two-night live finale that began Monday when country singer Jana Kramer was eliminated with her partnerGleb Savchenko, that was battling the flu, leading up to the finals. Monday night’s episodesaw a ratings increase, bringing in11.98 million viewers for component one that the always-anticipated finale.

Throughout the season, Hernandez to be the front-runner. The pint-sized 16-year-old Olympic gymnast came in through obvious advantages on the dance floor, and worked tough to continuously wow the judges v her assorted dance styles. NFL superstar Johnson and also IndyCar driver Hinchcliffe were both considered underdogs, yet they impressed v both your improving an abilities and characters in the ballroom.

The complete Season 23 castalso featured Amber Rose, Maureen McCormick,Terra Jole,Marilu Henner, Vanilla Ice, Jake T. Austin,Babyface, stack Perry, and Ryan Lochte.

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The run competition present is hosted byTom Bergeron and also Erin Andrewswith judgesCarrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman,Bruno Tonioli, and also Julianne Hough.

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