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examine Your attend to for complimentary TV

Have you ever wondered what tv signals space being transfer in her area? perhaps you've recently purchased a brand-new HDTV and you're searching for some High an interpretation content. Or maybe you're just trying to find some extr sources come compliment your existing cable and/or satellite services. Well, here's a tool that deserve to analyze your place to aid determine what free broadcasts might be easily accessible in your neighborhood.

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This device can assist answer inquiries like

Which broadcasters room transmittinglocally?How far are the transmitters from me?Which direction have to I allude my antenna?How solid are the signal in my area?What analog and also digital networks are available?

If you'd prefer to inspect your location, then...

Note: This offers the exact same processing techniques that are offered in generating the coverage maps other than that this analysis is done v much better precision. The coverage maps are an excellent for seeing basic signal trends, but this device can carry out a an ext precise reading for your particular location. If you would certainly like added information, you can likewise check the end the Signal evaluation FAQ.

See i beg your pardon TV Stations girlfriend Can get on a Map

Now you can examine your ar for totally free TV through our interaction mapping tool. See the regional TV transmitters top top a map and check your signal strengths. This tool offer you all our latest database updates, coverage maps, and also signal evaluation on a dynamic map with several information around every transmitter ideal at your fingertips. This device will let girlfriend do every one of the following:

List accessible channels for any kind of locationAdjust the location being analyzed (to fix attend to lookup errors)Play "what-if" scenarios with various antenna heightsSee the direction of each transmitter to help you allude your antennaOverlay coverage maps for each stationGenerate a an overview report, which can be shared, printed, or saved for future recommendation

To check out maps of her area, click...

Note1: The propagation modeling algorithms space the exact same as those supplied to create our coverage maps and Signal evaluation reports and also does take right into account the impacts of terrain, transmitter power, and other factors. For much more details, please see our Signal evaluation FAQ .

Note2: This tool provides Javascript come download and display maps and also overlays. A modern-day browser, high speed internet connection, and also high resolution screen (1024x768 or higher) space recommended because that the ideal experience. For slow-moving connections, you can use our an ext bandwidth-friendly Signal analysis Tool.

Google planet Coverage Maps

If you're wonder what your local broadcaster's coverage arealooks like, climate here's a way to discover out. The files provided here save transmitter placemarks and coverage maps for viewing in Google earth (available for free). Every package,organized by metro,lets you"see" the TVenvironment for every the local broadcasters, and also lets you explore their coverage mapsin avirtual 3D world. In enhancement to helping you understand your OTA agree prospects, this maps can additionally be quite fun come play with!

You also have the alternative of searching theOnline Maps, accessible on this site. The online maps are quick and easy without any downloading or Google planet requirements,but they additionally lack the visualization features and detail available in the equivalent Google earth maps.


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Complete collection of Transmitter Icons

Here is a document that contains all the TV transmitters in the FCC database convert to Google planet format. It will let youvisualize the ar of every the transmitters relative to her home and also you can also learn a couple of things around them by clicking on their icon.