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I offered to be the kind of male who believed that cheating only happened to other people—people that didn’t have actually ‘real, committed’ relationships.

Until it occurred to me.

And trust me, girlfriend don’t desire to be in the same place I to be in.

Yes, I’ve to be cheated on before. The worst component was the she cheated top top me through my ideal friend. Castle both hid the from me for months, and also I was blindsided by it as soon as I found out around it.

But probably what shocked me the many was the currently that i was totally clueless about what to be going on.

The to work literally unfolded ideal in front of me.

And yet, due to the fact that I didn’t check out the signs, ns didn’t view what to be going wrong until it was much too late.

Maybe had actually I well-known the signs, I might have excellent something to prevent it indigenous happening.

Had I viewed the creating on the wall, I could have at the very least saved face and also caught she in her lies and also ‘sneaking around.’

Instead, ns was forced to confront the truth—that the woman i loved and also thought I remained in a committed relationship with was entertaining an additional man top top the side. And had she not ultimately just said me, I could never have been the wiser.

I looked and also felt choose a fool. I felt humiliated, emasculated, deceived, and also betrayed.

But girlfriend don’t have to live the way.

Not all men need to exist in ignorance that the indicators of cheating choose I did.

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How I built This Post

Happy Valentine’s work to mine husband.*And his girlfriend.And his other girlfriend(s) that thinks no one knows about. Yet I do.*I left him as soon as I uncovered out he was cheating ~ above me. Can’t bought a divorce yet.#Narcissist #Cheater #cheating #ValentinesDay #valentinesday2021

— just Michaela (
My_North_Star) February 14, 2021

To produce this post, not just did i pull indigenous my very own experiences and scientific expertise on the subject—but I also polled a handful of mine female friends through a collection of questions around their own stories of infidelity, and the behaviors that shown up from them.

And the results?

Well, they were eye opening, enlightening, brutally honest—and downright interesting.

But let’s begin with the basics. Prior to we discuss ‘how’ cheating commonly goes down, let’s an initial talk about ‘why’ this details behavior has tendency to manifest in ladies to begin with.

Characteristics that a Cheating Woman


Here’s the thing.

When you study ‘characteristics that a cheating woman’ online, a many the information that mister up defines hateful, heartless ladies who’ll do (or screw) anything/anyone to take advantage of men and gain the top hand.

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But when these species of women do exist, the real fact of the matter is that far more women fit into the classification of ladies who desire to do their relationship work, however either nothing know exactly how or nothing feel choose they’re acquiring the help/support/attention they require from your boyfriend/partner come succeed.

In fact, in the publication The Man’s guide To Women, John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman to speak this about betrayal and also affairs: