Every City, County, and also State has actually laws regarding the removal of trees on private property. These legislations vary depending on the regional climate, canopy-cover the the trees, and also various other factors.

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The penalty for cutting under trees there is no a permit ranges from $500 – $10,000. There have been situations where the court has actually ruled fines much larger ranging best up to $100,000 per offence.

So you nothing get recorded out for illegally removing a tree on her property, we have a look at what is legal, what is not, and also where come get more information.


A Tree Ordinance is a collection of laws outlined by your city related to tree removal and pruning. In most cases, that will define trees lock deem as far-ranging or heritage and also others the are regional pests.

Basically, as lengthy as your tree is not large enough come be understood as far-ranging or old sufficient to be reputed as heritage, climate you should be for sure to eliminate the tree.


Any tree in an example county can not be trimmed, removed, vandalized, or ruined in any way if it:Has a single trunk one of 20 customs or greater when measured in ~ 3 feet indigenous the ground, or;Has a linked trunk diameter the 20 inch or greater when measured in ~ 3 feet above ground level, or;Is a protected species such as an Oak tree.Any that the following trees deserve to be gotten rid of without permission no issue the dimension or age;Eucalyptus spp.Chinese tallowHoney Suckle

Note: The above is just an instance of what you might find in your neighborhood tree ordinance. To acquire download your local tree ordinance, go here to search for her state and city.

This is miscellaneous that additionally varies indigenous state to state, yet on typical the preferably fine for illegal tree removed is $10,000 per offense. You can multiply that number by 10 if girlfriend live in some Californian cities. In 2016 Rudolph Koppl was fined $212,500 because that removing trees from his property without a allow in Woodside, CA.

If your tree is protected by legislation under your neighborhood tree ordinance, friend will require a allow to remove it. These laws usually do not use to trees that are plainly dead, attention as identified by a default arborist or have currently fallen in a storm.

A most the time, homeowners that reduced down tree without a permit will certainly not gain caught. But if her neighbor sees you and also calls the neighborhood council, they will come out the investigate. If you execute not have actually a an excellent reason because that the removed of the tree i.e. The tree was dangerous or dead, then they will concern you v a date to appear in court or provide you a fine on the spot.

There are numerous trees that have the right to be reduced down without a permit. Generally, this trees are not aboriginal to the area and also considered a neighborhood pest. Again, this demands to be outlined in the neighborhood tree ordinance.

Take a palm tree for example. These trees room iconic in Florida, Nevada, and also parts the California, yet have no place in the pine woodlands or Colorado.

You can discover what trees can be eliminated without a permit under the Exempt tree list in your neighborhood tree ordinance.

In 99% of situations no. I understand there are a couple of tree ordinances the forbid any type of tree removal, even dead trees until the city offers permission, however most of the moment it is thought about a hazard and should be eliminated at your soonest convenience.

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In quick no. Insurance will certainly cover a auto accident, however not a speeding ticket. This is the same for illegal tree removal. If a neighbors tree falls on her home during a storm, insurance will certainly cover you, however they will not come to the party if you break the law.

Author: Ben McInerney - Ben is a standard arborist v 15 plus year of sector experience in Arboriculture. He ran a effective tree company before transforming to writing and also publishing. Ben is committed to providing users through the many accurate up-to-date info on whatever trees.