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Law enforcement police officers in one California city will certainly be issuing $300 fines for those who carry out not wear a mask in windy settings.

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The West Hollywood station of the Los Angeles ar Sheriff"s Department claimed in a statement on Twitter the it will start issuing "administrative citations for people who space not conforming come the Order come wear a face cover/mask in public." The fine because that the an initial offense will certainly be $300, i m sorry comprises a $250 fine and $50 in fees.

Update: The well is $250 and also a fee of $50 because that a total of $300 because that the very first offense.

— LASD West Hollywood (

Governor Gavin Newsom "recently authorize an bespeak for anyone to wear a challenge cover/mask when in public. West Hollywood sheriff"s station has actually been educating people around face covers/masks due to the fact that the very first order," the sheriff"s office said, including it will start issuing citations this month.

"Our last alternative was to conduct enforcement by issuing an governmental citation, but the danger to neighborhood health is also great. Us ask our ar to please wear a challenge cover/mask while in publicly in an effort to keep everyone healthy and also control the spread of the virus," the sheriff"s office said.

Captain Edward Ramirez the the West Hollywood station stated in a Facebook write-up that officers will proceed to "utilize education and also persuasion and also hand out face masks," in enhancement to issuing citations, as situations surge in California.

Ramirez stated Los Angeles county Sheriff Alex Villanueva, in coordination through the city of West Hollywood and the West Hollywood station, has been "educating the public...and issuing both warnings and face masks come visitors and also community members."

He added, "We will do our finest to obtrude all legislations without bias, using great judgment and common sense." reached the end to Ramirez for further comment yet did no hear ago before publication.

Newsom noted on Tuesday that the state to be seeing a surging in virus cases and also pointed specifically to the 6.3 percent boost in hospitalizations ~ above Monday.

"So we"re seeing an increase, a steady increase in not only a total number of positive cases but total variety of hospitalized patients and also total number of patients in our ICUs," Newsom claimed at his Tuesday press conference, the very same day the state saw rise of 5,898 brand-new confirmed cases.

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As the Wednesday, California has actually seen 232,657 confirmed instances of the coronavirus and also 6,090 associated deaths. The state additionally has 5,196 patients hospitalized through COVID-19, consisting of 1,617 in intensive care units.


California"s Santa Monica beach on July 2. Officials throughout Southern California have closed the vast bulk of beaches for the fourth of July weekend.Mario Tama/Getty