Glee will return to its roots in the upcoming collection finale (Friday, march 20 in ~ 8 p.m. ET) when the display flashes back to “2009,” additionally the title of the episode, and offer a perspective ~ above how Directions really come together. In law so, the series will salary tribute come the so late Cory Monteith, whose existence was felt throughout Friday’s PaleyFest panel, moderated by‘s very own Tim Stack.

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“We constantly had accidental fun together,” kris Colfer recalled, detailing times where the duo would joke around during long press days. Monteith was discovered dead in July 2013 indigenous an accidental overdose. His Glee character, Finn Hudson, was consequently revealed come have passed away off-screen.

Ahead the the panel, the emotional an initial hour the the collection finale was screened because that the fans. Clip of Monteith is included, though used sparingly, as the hour aims to tell the story before the production of Directions—though Finn was almost not a component of the group as the original members pondered whether he was just an additional bully prefer the rest of the soccer jocks. ~ above the realization the he was, in fact, different as with them, the group voted unanimously to store him—and members the the tearful audience echoed an aye vote alongside the characters.

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While filming the finale, the entire actors admitted come being really emotional together well. “I cried the entirety week. I was a mess,” Lea Michele called the crowd, revealing that her last solo on the series is an initial piece written by Darren Criss called “This Time” that encapsulates the main point character’s tenure top top Glee. “That was the job I fell to my knees and also cried. Ns literally had to contact my mother to come. It to be the most special day. I acquired to say everything to anyone here and also everyone that will watch it the I want to say, but you can’t think the the words, and also he created them.”

As for the critical scene, Michele teased that Matt Morrison’s will Schuester sings a very touching tune to the original members that Glee club. “It to be an emotionally day,” Michele says, note that when production wrapped, the group fell down into a sobbing mess. Michele asked for that lock play George Michael’s “Freedom” to lighten the mood, after i beg your pardon they satellite in the auditorium and also shared their last thoughts ~ above the journey of Glee.

Some that the funny facts that come out of the panel included Colfer revealing he had actually his very first drink during his time on the present (it to be at Kevin McHale’s apartment with Jenna Ushkowitz and Amber Riley). Note Salling likpriziv.orgise lied around his age, telling the casting director he to be 19 once he was in reality 26, if Criss claimed he auditioned for the duty of Finn ahead of the pilot. Lynch, meanwhile, Glee would certainly be a hit once she watched the “kids” carry out “Don’t avoid Believing” because that her. “I believed it was so beautiful,” she says. “It was absolutely touching.”


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