The fire alarm at the Steelers’ team hotel go off early on Sunday morning after a self-proclaimed Patriots fan pulled the alarm in ~ 3:340 a.m.

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The fan, Dennis Harrison of Boston, was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, psychic the peace and setting off a false fire alarm. Yet he had an extraordinarily honest reason for the prank.

Harrison’s lawyer admitted that he was probably drunk at the moment of the prank, and in a police report via WBZ, Harrison said, “I acquired drunk and did miscellaneous stupid.”

Patriots fan states "I got drunk and also did miscellaneous stupid"

— David Robichaud (
While it’s never ever cool to pull fire alarms — the distracts very first responders from actual emergencies and also ruins the sleep of hotel guests — you need to respect that honesty. This was a fan who had too much to drink and wanted to carry out his part to give the Patriots an edge.

He’ll simply be payment the price because that it.

(h/t sports Illustrated)

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